Jan 29-Feb 4 – Down & Out, Black Sheep and the Shipoopi Touchdown


Nick Nolte is a magical ’80s bum, Chris Farley stars in Tommy Boy Gaiden and Family Guy references a ’50s musical for what will surely be the last time. ALSO, Mr Belvedere teaches kids about AIDS.

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12 thoughts on “Jan 29-Feb 4 – Down & Out, Black Sheep and the Shipoopi Touchdown

  1. I love hearing about the 80’s american sitcoms and especially the special episodes which was one of my favorite laser time episodes.

  2. I believe that in the commentary for Gremlins 2, they mention that they didn’t get Al Lewis because they thought he was dead, and would have asked him to be in the movie if they knew he was alive.

  3. Apparently Nick Nolte is a third or fourth cousin of mine. Not sure how I feel about that.

    Also the mention of Family Guy on the Laser Time Network instantly makes me think about Hank and his hatred. I always enjoy his rants

  4. The Trouble with Harry is also a Hitchcock comedy, and a pretty good one, with young Shirley Maclaine. I think The Lady Vanishes is pretty funny, too, but I don’t know that it would necessarily be called a comedy.

    1. Ooh, good point. I love “The Trouble with Harry”! But “Harry” is definitely a dark comedy – it’s about a dead body! – and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is pretty light and fluffy.

      You’re right, though – a lot of Hitchcock movies are funny, like “The Lady Vanishes,” “Family Plot,” “North by Northwest” and the bits with the detective’s wife in “Frenzy” – but I wouldn’t call them comedies.

  5. That’s weird…I swear there were more comments when I checked here yesterday. I also left a comment and I don’t know if it was deleted or if something happened while I was posting it. There isn’t any kind of keyword filter, is there?

  6. Back when me and my friends played WWF No Mercy religiously (circa 2004) our longtime champion was none other then Mr. Belvadere.
    Imagine the Big B coming down to the ring to D’Lo Browns theme song and enjoy.

  7. Down and Out in Beverly Hills was the first time I realized that the woman could be on top during sex. Blew my mind. I was 31.

    Nah, I was a kid. And I think my parents exchanged nervous “I thought YOU vetted this before we let him watch it!” glances at this point in the film. They could only communicate wordlessly, since no one could hear anything over my mind exploding with delight.

  8. I cannot stress ENOUGH how happy I was that the Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz title fight was mentioned, i actually muttered the words “get the fuck out of here” at work, because I thought there was no way you nerds would mention anything happening in the mma world. KUDOS, GUYS.

  9. Hey dudes,

    Down and Out is from at least the 30s, and the name of the movie probably references the George Orwell book Down And Out In Paris And London from 1933. It’s a really awesome book

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