Hulk Battles Ant-Man In Super Bowl Soda Commercial


Only Coke would have the power/money to bring together these two Avengers for the first time…

Jeepers, the Super Bowl is more geek friendly than ever this year. Not only did with get a short-but-sweet new Civil War trailer, but we’ve got an original transmission from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. United by the only brand on Earth that might be more powerful than the Avengers, here’s the Big Game’s Coco-Cola ad pitting Bruce Banner against Scott Lang…

Now, to make this commercial more synergistic, this Coke ad is specifically about Coke Mini, a new, smaller sized can that would seem to fit better with Ant-Man, while you wonder if it would be even more than a drop of moisture on Hulk’s tongue. The chase is a fun little caper, with Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang dealing out most of the quips while riding a Coke can…


Not that Hulk doesn’t get to have a lot of fun in it too. By the way, I’d bet that Mark Ruffalo wasn’t involved in this. He doesn’t seem like the type to do Coke ads, and those Hulk sounds could be reused from the last couple Avengers.


Also, I gotta give the ad credit for not only keeping Ant-Man’s size in perspective and giving him fun stuff to do, but for also sticking to comic book tradition. Every superhero battle usually ends with the good guys making nice, just as this one does.


Compared to the exciting acrimony of Civil War?, this battle was downright friendly. In fact, just replace Coke with a Hostess Fruit Pie, and you’ve got a classic comic book ad. Did you think this was a cute commercial? Did it make you want to down horrible sugar water? Are you questioning how Banner can meet Lang, when Ant-Man got his suit after Hulk vanished at the end of Age of Ultron? Tell us all about it in the comments!










5 thoughts on “Hulk Battles Ant-Man In Super Bowl Soda Commercial

  1. Kinda made me cringe, but I thought it it was cute enough. Also Rudd’s second appearance, the first being the bud lite bit. He must be gettin some $$$$! Usually don’t drink soda, but that Coca Cola classic’s definitely helping me swill bourbon around the fam tonight!

  2. Okay love the commercial but I mean c’mon these Avengers would not fight over Coke. Ant-Man can shrink to a size were he would find an 1/8th of the Delicious, Thirst Quenching, and Travel Sized Coke Mini (TM) enjoyably and Bruce could simply have the rest. Hopefully we’ll get a more accurate commercial next year, like Black Widow doing some spy stuff to steal Falcon’s coke or Rocket’s! (BOOM)

  3. This year’s slate of Superbowl commercials was pretty weak, nut this was one of the few standouts. The best was easily Willem Defoe as Marilyn Monroe for Snickers. I also really liked the Audi/astronaut commercial for packing the best emotional punch. The ketchup/wiener dog one was funny too. The rest were just… blah.

  4. This is the real Civil War, I’m also surprised you guys never posted the Quantum Chess video on here staring Paul Rudd, Steven Hawking and the voice of Keanu Reeves.

  5. so, whose going to explain to Damage Control that all this busted up stuff in the city was over a can of cheap corn syrup and caramel food coloring? I don’t think I could live in the Marvel cinematic or comic universe, it’s filled with maniacs on BOTH sides of the moral line.

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