Full House’s Relaunch Trailer Totally Recreates TGIF’s (Awful) Style


You’ve gotta give Netflix credit for keeping Fuller House close to its terrible, terrible roots…

Fellow millennials, I say this as a friend: Not everything in our childhoods was good. I was there every Friday night for ABC’s TGIF block of shows. I was there for Perfect Strangers, Family Matter, Step By Step, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, and the king of them all, Full House. All were cornball garbage written for children, the absolute nadir of scripted network sitcoms, even if they did feel special when watching them during a sleepover at a friend’s house. I say all this not to beat a dead horse, but to prepare you for the new trailer for Fuller House, which gets an A+ for recreating the feel of the ’90s show…

While I agree with Uncle Jesse that most of the cast has aged very well, even with some actors dealing with some personal demons in the years post-cancellation, it’s also unfair that some of them have to stand next to the impossibly unaging John Stamos. The rest of the trailer feels like the creators are checking off boxes on the reboot.

“Ok, personal tragedy bringing them together again, everyone has a kid, each person says their catchphrase. Yes, even ‘Cut it out!'””


You’ve got the laugh track, Kimmy Gibbler being a ridiculous cartoon and source of most jokes, Stephanie hating her life, and even a VERY sad attempt to pull in Michelle Tanner offscreen, because the Olsen Twins skipped the show to work on fashion design. The tacked on “You got it dude,” is more sad than anything else.

Honestly, it just feels mean to dump on this laugh tracked throwback. Instead of trying to improve on the formula, the creators stayed true to being a bad ’90s sitcom instead of creating (likely) a bad ’10s sitcom. There are probably worse things to watch while stoned than Kimmy Gibbler doing the Hammer Dance, though I’d rather dig up an old episode of Full House instead. At least those occasionally featured the Beach Boys.


6 thoughts on “Full House’s Relaunch Trailer Totally Recreates TGIF’s (Awful) Style

  1. I’ll be honest, this is too weird for me to invest ANY seconds of my precious PRECIOUS life on. so much so, I’m not going to watch the video.
    I see the Gifs I read the article and I’m sure that’s as close I want to get to this show. It’s just too weird that they did this. Something in me broke. I feel sad but I can’t cry. it’s like Girl meets world and how that made me feel weird knowing that show existed. I couldn’t watch that either. just look at Gifs and images on tumblr. I don’t want any part of this. NO!

  2. If they wanted this to work they would need start writing Bob Saget like modern Bob Saget, otherwise it’s just some kind of Andy Kaufman joke being performed on a titanic scale.

  3. I don’t really understand people who are nostalgic for this this, because I fuckin’ HATED Full House even when I was a dumb kid with no taste. I’d dive for the remote every time I heard the theme song kick in. But my wife is excited for Fuller House, so to each their own I guess.

  4. I went through a phase where I hated it, but I catch the occasional rerun every now and then and I can find enjoyment out of it. It for nothing more than making fun of it. Like where Joey was playing a Vegas Show opening for Wayne Newton and all his jokes were absolutely horrible, but they cut the the audience just dying laughing like they had been gassed. I find the corniness of it enjoyable, the same way I like a campy movie. And actually you get an actual joke that is funny, if not because it is ironic for some reason.

    The new series looks like a perfect recreation of that. I’m glad they didn’t try and make it super serious. Should be a nice nostalgic trip into the cornier days of television.

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