Cape Crisis #175 – A Tour Of Earth-2


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave try their best to understand DC’s Earth-2, while also talking about Big Bang Theory, Jughead’s asexuality, and our favorite responses to the QOTW…


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Cape Crisis #175 Question: What comic book ever confused you the most?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #175 – A Tour Of Earth-2

  1. I like that this SHSL was about Earth 2, I remember being like 15 when my step dad showed me his DC collection (I was a Marvel kid) and then explained to me about all the Earths and superhero histories and then Crisis on infinite Earths and my mind was blown. it’s so delightfully chaotic. I don’t know why they don’t just say every ten years we’re exploring the stories of a new Earth, occasionally we can take a peek at side stories involving the previous Earths. but keep going forward and making new Earths. Those Grant Morrison books were super weird worlds in worlds in books in worlds?

    I love the story of Brett reading Zero Hour backwards. so great.

  2. I think one of my favourite parts about Earth-2 is that it was made by accident. Old silver age DC comics used to have those weird covers that portrayed a weird scenario, and you were supposed to be so intrigued that you’d by it. Superman is probably the most famous example of this, with all those covers where he’s a total asshole, but Flash would do this too. Apparently, in order to make this work, Flash would have its cover drawn first, then the writer would write a story around it so that they would always have a weird cover to sell the reader on. So, with full control over where the story went, with only “make it weird” as a direction, Carmine Infantino would come up with weirder, and weirder ideas just to fuck with Gardner Fox, the writer. I’ve heard his goal was to make Fox reject a cover saying that he couldn’t come up with anything for that. So Infantino eventually drew Barry Allen running alongside Jay Garrick. Infantino figured that since Garrick was a fictional character in those Flash comics he would finally stump Fox, but apparently Gardner Fox took the challenge and wrote The Flash of Two Worlds in less than a day.

  3. On Venture Brothers St Cloud says that “If You Leave” was written by Spandau Ballet, and Billy doesn’t correct him and say that obviously it was Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, which is something he has done in other episodes, and the writers have to know that that’s wrong, so I wonder if it’s going to come up again later? I kept waiting for someone to mention it, but it never came up again in that episode.

  4. For the Question of the Week: If webcomics count, then I definitely have to nominate Sluggy Freelance for most convolutedly embuggered storyline. What started out as a simple humor strip about a slacker, an inventor, and a talking rabbit named Bun Bun eventually morphed into a messy epic that involved heroic sacrifice, interdimensional travel, government conspiracies, a mysterious shadow dimension, aliens, and more. Once the talking rabbit was piloting a space pirate ship full of aliens and ghosts who were unstuck in time, I couldn’t take any more.

  5. I like the change of the superhero spotlight at the beginning of the episode, and the breakdown of DC’s different earths was very interesting – I will give it a relisten. But wow! DC certainly made it so convoluted.

  6. I’m not a Big Bang theory fan by any stretch, but they were right about the cover! The cover of Vol. 1 of Saga does feature Alana breastfeeding!

    Love the show!

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