Here’s The Final Batman Vs. Superman Trailer, But Don’t Watch It!


There’s some really great moments in this last ad, and if you’d rather see them in the theater, don’t read on…

Who knows how the film itself will work out, but the trailers for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice have certainly been compelling. Some have been clever and restrained like Turkish Airlines’ Super Bowl copromotion with trips to Gotham and Metropolis. Others, like the one from last November, show off the tension between the characters and has a little more humor. Today’s final trailer for the film has a similar interest in fun action, but it has a similar problem. It arguably SPOILS too much of the film. So, if you’re cool with seeing some fantastic scenes from BvS early, read on…


Wowee zowee at that opening scene with Bats at work. Clear director Zack Snyder has been playing some Arkham games, as that was the closest I’ve ever scene to a live action recreation of Bruce’s Arkham fighting style. It’s unreal in a very good way. Though this was also the first moment of the trailer where I felt “crud, I kinda wish I’d first seen that in the theater.”


Also, we get a nice, heavy dose of Alfred as the condescending, lovable old British grouch that was popularized in Dark Knight Returns and The Animated Series. Jeremy Irons appears to have a good handle on the roll. And speaking of speaking, it was also nice to hear some dialogue spoken by Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince.

However, one actor is pretty damn silent for the whole trailer. Henry Cavill’s Superman doesn’t say a single word in all of this, instead looking like a stoic badass throughout. Now, that’s totally cool in moments like this…


Regardless of their placement, this final Batman Vs. Superman trailer definitely shows a lot. If you’ve seen all of them, it almost feels like the creators didn’t hold much back at all to surprise you in the film. Though we’ll only know for sure when it’s out next month.

Do think it shows too much? Are you excited by all the impressive action? Do you miss when Superman said words? Tell us all about it in the comments! Oh, and if you like seeing Superman get his ass kicked, watch our full playthrough of The Death And Return Of Superman below:

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13 thoughts on “Here’s The Final Batman Vs. Superman Trailer, But Don’t Watch It!

  1. I am still wondering whether or not I see this movie in theaters. I was all in until the trailer released a few months back seemingly showed the entire movie. It just looks like so much fluff, and not enough substance. I’ll wait to hear people’s reaction to this before diving in myself.

    1. You can say that about literally any movie. Copy-paste that response to the final trailer of any movie ever made and I bet it’ll fit.

      Additionally, that’s your business so fine. If you’re not a big DC fan and you want to wait for some reviews, go for it.

  2. This actually showed less than the Doomsday revealing trailer, in terms of plot. This should’ve been the main one. And it was awesome. One of my fave movie trailers ever possibly, and I cannot wait until the final thing which is out… next month?! Wow!

  3. Good god that was legit and somebody has been watching “The Raid” franchise, because that was some pure, unadulterated brutality, straight out of the Dark Kinght Returns and dis guy is loving it! Officially back on board yo! #ZackSnyderHaveMyBaby

  4. I would have much rather had this trailer rather then the script summary posing as a trailer from a couple months ago.

    Also, Bruce is a big hypocrite complaining about removing 1% chance that Superman is the enemy when the Gotham PD has said the same thing about Batman multiple times.

  5. This one did not work as much for me as the last one did. I did like the Bruce/Alfred interactions and it does seem like a more brutal, Miller style, Batman. I’ll still be there opening weekend and I am optimistic they learned from some of Man of Steel’s shortcomings.

  6. Now this is a trailer. I don’t feel spoiled it has some nice action and what looks like a clothed Superman getting ready for some bathtub sex with his lady, so really it has everything I need in a comic film.

  7. I’m kind of glad they pulled out all the stops for this one. Unlike the last trailer, this one really sold me on the film (not like I wasn’t gonna see it though). I keep forgetting how close this movie is after how long ago it feels like they announced it.

  8. Whether or not if you like Zack Snyder filmography (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, Man of Steel are all great IMO), he has action and visuals locked down. So, it was nice to see the final trailer play to his strength. Also, Batman fighting like Arkham Batman brought a smile to my face.

    Only a month and a half away after learning about the film back in July of 2013.

  9. Ok Hank. I am now officially psyched for this movie. I am looking forward to this movie the most this summer(and the X-Men are my favorite comic ever so that’s saying something). I am really warming up to Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman looks great! I always liked Henry Cavill as superman even though I didn’t really like Man of Steel. I’m looking forward to another great summer of movies. On a side note: I’m really happy that you are a full time part of LaserTime and enjoy your articles immensely. Thank you for having the courage to leave GamesRadar and add your irreplaceable presence to the LaserTime network.

  10. My wife says I use the term “sexy” too much when I describe things but…This trailer is pretty freakin’ sexy!!! Gotta watch this in IMAX

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