Vidjagame Apocalypse 150 – Awesomely Bad Voice Acting with Heidi Kemps


Our sesquicentennial episode takes a fond look back at some of the absolute worst voice acting ever to appear in video games, as Heidi Kemps joins us to talk about her upcoming MAGFest panel. Then it’s on to a packed week of new releases that includes Firewatch, Unravel and a new Naruto; a goodbye to GameTrailers; and the games you’d play if you were trapped in a reality-resetting Groundhog Day situation.

Question of the Week

In honor of Valentine’s Day, what was your first crush on a video game character?




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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 150 – Awesomely Bad Voice Acting with Heidi Kemps

  1. QotW answer : B. Orchid of killer instinct. With her skin tight suite and bronze skin. And when she finished her opponents by flashing them, made me want to see what they were seeing. It must have been an amazing pair to make guy eyes cartoon-ishly pop out and cause them to faint.

  2. While you don’t hear her in any of the two games, Chell from the Portal series always held a special place in my heart. Alongside never hearing her speak you also don’t get a good look at her face unless you angle two portals just right so that a mirror effect can occur, revealing her bright orange Aperture Science jumpsuit and blank facial expression. No, she isn’t the hottest heroine in video games, but damn can she get through those test chambers.
    . . .and GlaDOS isn’t half bad either.

  3. Mine is Jill Valentine. I was 8 when I first played RE 1 and it was less of a sexual crush and more of a “she’s pretty and my type of lady”. By the time RE3 rolled around, I was older and now I had a fullblown crush, it helps that her outfit in that game WAS ridiculous in how hard (heh) they pushed her sex appeal- didn’t make her any more badass… Jill’s still my favorite character in the series to this day.

    For a new crush, see Kat from Gravity Rush.

  4. i haven’t had real significant crushes on many bideo james characters but the one that always sticks out is rosa from assassin’s creed 2. she enters the game swearing like a sailor after being shot with an arrow, is capable and confident in her own skills to the point where she teaches ezio a crucial climbing skill, and actually has an interesting, somewhat nuanced relationship with him before unceremoniously exiting the game and never being being referenced again. she was a classy lady, i liked her.

  5. Having recently become obsessed with urusei yatsura, particularly with the music, I am very pleased with Henry’s increasing references to the series. I await the full-on 80s anime episode of lasertime that is so obviously ready to go

  6. First off, let me opine that Valentine’s Day is a bullshit holiday meant to promote sales for couples and depression for singles, of which I fall into the latter. With that vent out of the way, I’ll admit that the sorceress Lulu from Final Fantasy X hit me at just the right time in high school. She may be the epitome of Tetsuya Nomura’s ridiculous belt fetish, but she’s also a stoic goth chick with a very low-hanging dress whose cleavage window may have activated my boner drive. It’s too bad she ended up marrying that racist Wakka in Final Fantasy X-2, but that’s where I ended my tenure with the series, so I don’t acknowledge it as canon.

  7. C’mon Henry, I’m master prestige with around 216 hours in the multiplayer alone in Black Ops 3 and I really enjoyed my time with Firewatch. Don’t pigeonhole me, man!

  8. As a quiet middle school kid, who better to relate to than a silent ’90s RPG protagonist? And who better to represent what I would hope to find in future romantic partners than the silent ’90s RPG protagonist’s love interest? Chrono Trigger’s Marle was the hero’s charming, empathetic, and expressive counterpart. The opening portion of the game is basically their first date, and every awkward interaction is later painfully recounted step by step in a courtroom. But you get the sense that she brings Crono out of his shell, which is why adventure kicks in once she shows up. A true manic pixelated dream girl.

  9. While watching my friend’s brother play Final Fantasy 7, I became weirdly enchanted with the menu avatar of Yuffie. Her bright eyes and mischievous grin wormed its way into my emotionally stunted pubescent heart, though I didn’t tell anyone as I was aware how silly it was. I eventually bought the game after the Greatest Hits price drop, and during the first playthrough eventually spurned the obnoxious Yuffie for the much more endearing (and uhh buxom) Tifa. Her strength and humor in the face of global armageddon made her my favorite, compounded by the sad irony that she “won” the love triangle only by the death of Aeris, an event which was destined to forever overshadow Tifa in Cloud’s heart. It should be noted that I eventually got the date with Yuffie on a subsequent playthru, but the magic between us was well and dead by then. I am now very well adjusted and have a real life girlfriend, thank you very much.

  10. Edgar Figaro from Final Fantasy 3 (née 6) – he was cool, honest, charming, and if I recall correctly, due to some fuzzy translation stateside, hinted at to be gay. I guess my 10-year-old subconscious picked up on that… In any case, he never left my party, (and still doesn’t on subsequent playthroughs).

  11. Sonya Blade from MK1 was my first “OMG I HAS BONER” pubescent crush. Trying to pull off her handstand throw and fap at the same time was quite the feat.

  12. Qotw: My first gaming crush was probably Blaze from Streets of Rage, she wears tight leather, kicks ass and when she does her flying kicks you get a flash of panties. What’s not to like?

  13. QotW: Definitely Princess Ruto of the Zoras from Ocarina of time – I never understood why Link was going after Zelda when Ruto wanted to settle down with him. I’ve had a thing for fish girls ever since; I think I also have a crush on Naga Siren from Dota 2.

  14. QotW:My first video game crush was either Tales of Symphonia’s Sheena Fujibayashi or Dead or Alive’s Hitomi [I can’t really remember who I liked first. LOL] because they were cute and could really kick butt.

  15. I’m answering late because I didn’t know the crush could be current.
    With that in mind, I’m going to pick Henry from Firewatch.
    I like bears and he’s the beariest character out there right now.
    And, you get full frontal, though only a drawing. Then again, even if you got to see the character model, it would still just be an artist rendering.

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