Watch Us Play Street Fighter 5 & Jet Set Radio HD!

We’re celebrating this week’s biggest release and this week’s best freebie as we play Street Fighter 5 and Jet Set Radio HD (free on Steam) LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST and forever on YouTube later!

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Top 7… Videogame Pits

This week we’re not just scraping the bottom of the listicle barrel – we’re descending into the dark, dank abyss where that barrel was hurled. I don’t know why this useless article exists, as I am merely a conduit for… Read more

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5 Romantic Comedies We Can All Tolerate

Valentine’s Day has barely past, but the smell of chocolate still wafts through the air. Much like Christmas, the advertising was everywhere. You couldn’t even fire up your favorite streaming service without being assaulted by oodles of kissy kissy flicks.

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