Street Fighter EX Endings


Laugh along with us to each and every cinematic finale from Street Fighter EX. Try not to cut yourself on those jagged PlayStation 1 visuals.

A while back, we took you on a remarkable journey through the hilariously hamfisted monkey’s paw PlayStation chicanery that was Twisted Metal 2’s endings. So just in time for Street Fighter V, we’re headed into the warped world of Ken and Ryu’s opening attack into the third dimension, circa 1997. Have a taste!

street fighter ex zangief ending

Long before Street Fighter IV, Capcom took a stab at Tekken/Toshinden‘s polygonal glory with the Street Fighter EX series starting in 1996. The home version, Street Fighter EX Plus Ī± (don’t ask), brought us new modes, fighters, and for our express purposes, gloriously stupid, recklessly 90s CG animated endingsĀ for each and every character. Please to enjoy our expert commentary on each one:

I know, I want to have Skullomania’s babies too. Be sure to check out our quickie stream of Street Fighter V if you’re so inclined.

6 thoughts on “Street Fighter EX Endings

  1. I’m a bigger fan of EX than I probably should be, and quite a few of these endings amused me. Some of them are pretty boring (you lose, Chun-Li), but others are goofy in a sometimes avant-garde way. I remember a friend of mine joked that Ken escapes to the Windows XP background in his ending.

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