Cape Crisis #176 – Colossus And Deadpool Forever


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave are ready to learn all about the X-Men’s favorite Russian, and in the second half we have a spoiler-inducing Deadpool review, and the community answers to the QOTW…


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Cape Crisis #176 Question: Who would you cast as Cable?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #176 – Colossus And Deadpool Forever

  1. Colossus might have not had a major role in Secret Wars, but the X-Men Inferno book was all about him, and fantastic. It was hands down my favorite Secret Wars book. I’ve always liked Colossus but he’s never been one of my favorite characters, but that Inferno book made him one.


    I enjoyed Deadpool. It’s a fun side story in superhero genre, not the film to deconstruct the entire genre. Yes, it kinda tried doing satire, but there’s a scene near the end that missed a fantastic joke on the superhero genre. This is right when Colossus attempted to talk DP out of killing his enemy. That’s bullshit. That was the perfect send up for Deadpool to outburst and say:

    “Did you fucking see how many people I just killed?”

    “Language, Deadpool!”

    “No, fuck you. What good is sparing this guy? I just killed 20 hired guns with families, friends. Hell, the audience saw me kill three guys with one bullet. This piece of shit is source of all this! And you threw a fucking giant tire at three guys. What kind of hero are you, Chrome Cock? That’s hundreds of thousands of medical bills you just cost them. Let alone all this destruction.”

    “I, uhh, umm, fuck you, Deadpool.”

    *BLAM* “Thank you, my good friend.”

    THEN you have a post-credit scene of Colossus sighing in a hospital waiting room with “I’m sorry” balloons.

    THAT right there is what would elevate that film from good to great. THAT right there would be the superhero buster that takes down the superhero genre. He is the audience surrogate critiquing, or at least exposing, the tropes. Yes, the film had a lot of that, but that “spare the boss/bludgeon your enemies to near death” plot point of super hero stories is a trope.

    1. Tropes. Tropes. Tropes. Tropes.

      I wish people would stop using that word. I don’t know when or why “tropes” became a 4 letter word. If you go to TV Tropes you see that EVERYTHING has tropes because EVERYTHING has been done before. Just shut up and enjoy it. Pointing out tropes used to be fun because you see common themes in stuff you like, now we are supposed to avoid tropes in our fiction? Fuck that. I love tropes. I fucking love them. Not everything has to be a takedown of something. Movies can just be enjoyable.

      Movie ended fine. I’m glad you didn’t write the ending. Stick to fanfiction bro, it’s clearly what you want to be doing instead.

      1. I apologize for the fanfiction comment. That was crossing the line. I was in a bad mood this morning. Everything else I said I still stand by.

  3. Also TJ whatever was Weasal not Bob. Bob showed up at the end. I know you guys didn’t get into DP until Secret Invasion but you should read Joe Kelly’s run. This movie was a near straight adaptation.

    Also Vanessa is Copycat a mutant. And has a history with Wade in comic. Same as movie actually. He was also madly in love with Siryn from X-Force.

  4. Great show as always, guys, but I think this episode marks the second time in recent weeks that I’ve heard you applaud Fox’s early-2000s marketing department for keeping something secret that they absolutely did not — just go to the 30-second mark in this video, and I think you’ll see what I mean: (After the crowd went nuts for the moment at my first screening, I actually specifically remember thinking, “Wow, that was a crazy reaction for something I’ve been seeing in ads for weeks.”)

    But as for Cable? I love the Karl Urban idea, but I’m gonna go with Dolph Lundgren. Maybe a little old, but he still exudes total badass — and who’s to say his accent isn’t what a future-raised Askani sounds like? Plus, he holds the distinction of being the first non-duck-suited actor to star as a Marvel hero in a theatrically released film (in West Germany, anyway) — and he deserves to be in a Marvel flick people will actually see.

    Keep up the great work, guys! Would love to show up for a third guest spot sometime if you’ll have me…

  5. I love you guys but when you fly so close to X-lore in your podcasts you better check your wings for wax bits. “Was that Bob?” And I can’t even with the superhero spotlight. I’ll pick one thing – when Colossus joined Excalibur Claremont was no longer writing the book. It was a young Warren Ellis.
    Seriously, I love you guys. I wouldn’t write in if I wasn’t a devotee.

  6. Chris is crazy if he thinks Deadpool doesn’t do much sexual content in the comics.

    For a guy that looks like he does, he gets laid ALL THE TIME!

    Death aside, there’s Copycat, Outlaw, a lady space hippo, I think Domino at one point, and he’s currently married to a succubus.

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