Cheap Popcast #72 – Fastlane Predictions, Double Pins, & Unlikely Tag Teams


Dave, Hank, and Brett rev up for Fastlane with their predictions for the penultimate-to-WrestleMania show before discussing the weirdly similar episodes of NXT and Lucha Underground, New Japan’s new developments, and their dream tag teams.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What tag team would you make out of two random wrestlers, and why?


8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #72 – Fastlane Predictions, Double Pins, & Unlikely Tag Teams

  1. I would love to see a tag team that consists of Randy Orton and John Morrison. I remember in WWE 12 they were put into a tag team during universe mode by the computer and they actually worked relatively well together. Sure they have contrasting fighting styles but so did The Shield and Team Hell No and they were successful tag teams.

  2. Hank, they’re all wellness violations. Just look at the stomach. Flat? just roids. Bulging. Roids and HGH. Some are clean, but you don’t look like Big-E without some juice.

  3. It’s hilarious that Henry mispronounces stuff all the time but nobody calls him on it but is always ready to pounce when Dave mispronounces Asuka.

  4. QOTW: I would love to see Kurt Angle and Chad Gable team up I think it would go over so well with the crowd due to the name recognition of Kurt, they both have an Olympic background maybe they could be like mentor and student backstage which they should be able to pull off because they are both good at playing characters, being a tag team Kurt would be less at risk for injury as you would only let Gable do the really crazy shit which would be a good showcase for Gable’s skills, and it could all conclude with a passing of the torch of Gable beating Angle in a retirement match at Wrestlemania, it would be the perfect way to create a new star for years to come in Gable and give Kurt the proper send off

    1. PS: Brett the NXT womens wrestler from a couple of weeks ago that you are thinking of is Santana Garrett who is a well regarded indy wrestler who has titles in multiple indy promotions, and has done some great work in Japan. You should check out some of her matches on Youtube. Hopefully she’ll get signed to WWE one day.

  5. If I were to put two random wrestlers together in a tag team, it would probably be Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. First of all, neither one is doing anything meaningful right now. Sure, Dolph is having some great matches with Kevin Owens. But we know he isn’t going to win the IC title. From what I know, they are close friends. They have good chemistry in the ring and I think that could translate to good tag team chemistry. Maybe they could even start as a reluctant tag team that eventually figure out that they are good together.

  6. Kevin Owens and Bubba Ray Duddly going all in with a mega heat drawing bully heal team. The mic work between the two would be golden enough to make audiences everywhere boo the hell out of them. Just have them come out and rip into the audience to the point of riots and it would be a thing of beauty.

  7. I’d would have liked to see Neville and Barrett from a new British Bulldogs tag team. I think it would be a good dynamic with the smaller Neville playing Rickey Morton, the gold standard in babyface tag-team selling, for hot tags to Barrett. Plus Barrett, could handle the promo load. Since Barrett s leaving, this won’t happen, but it would be a good way to put two of the wrestlers they are wasting into a role where they could do something,

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