The Simpsons Meet The Presidential Nominees In Timely Video


Looking for a timely video mocking all the candidates? The Simpsons just released one…

We at Laser Time know The Simpsons well enough to support an entire podcast, Talking Simpsons. We’re currently in the second season, and back then it took close to a year to complete a single episode. Now the process is seemingly so fast that the Simpsons folks can knock out a viral video while most of the 2016 candidates are still active. Then again, this campaign feels like it has lasted an eternity, so who’s to say how long this has been in production. Anyway, here’s the show’s satirical take on the current crop of clowns, curmudgeons, and its fascist hair monster…

Sadly, Jeb! left the race right as the vid went live, so even then they couldn’t stay current. It was nice to see Trump get kicked in the balls, though the rest of it feels a bit like an average SNL cold open sketch. Also, call me uninformed, but is there a political narrative that Bernie would need Hillary to lead for him? That’s the one I didn’t get. I’d probably just be better off mentally if I took Homer’s path – eating a sandwich as I watch America die in flames all around me.

Plus this allowed Simpsons to stay relatively apolitical, mocking all the parties. That balanced approach is what we strive for at LT as well. [Editor’s note: Trump is a white supremacist who will ruin America. He shouldn’t be in charge of cleaning a urinal, let alone America.] Then again, we already made our choice for POTUS…


Anyway, The Simpsons producing topical stuff like this outside of a regular episode makes sense, as it won’t end up dating a standard episode – not that Simpsons doesn’t feature a huge collection of no-longer current references in its backlog. In fact, were you to watch 500 episodes of The Simpsons at the same time, you’d no doubt see a number of them. Luckily, there was a new video this week that let you do just that.

We hope this helped you on the endless ride that is this election, and perhaps alleviated the stress of thinking “the republicans won’t actually nominate the walking cheese doodle of a fascist, will they?” And hey, don’t forget to check out Talking Simpsons. Maybe re-examining episodes from the first Bush administration will give some much needed perspective.

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2 thoughts on “The Simpsons Meet The Presidential Nominees In Timely Video

  1. Sometimes when modern simpsons do this they feel like they are trying to compete with south park and it just doesnt suit their style and is it just me or do they seem extra yellow in this clip? Ps i dont hate modern simpsons, just some of their episodes have been weak.

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