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Once again, it’s time for Laser Time’s annual Oscar party for people who don’t necessarily care about the Oscars! We’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees so you don’t have to, now listen in and then go impress your friends with your second-hand 2016 Academy Awards knowledge!


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50 thoughts on “Laser Time – Oscar Time 2016

  1. It’s that time of year again! The winter’s icy grip losses, the birds are back, and Laser Time is talkin’ bout the Oscars!

  2. I am predicting a win for Sly; so from this point on I shall be known as “Moanstradamus,” till he wins, then back to good ol M4s yo! (Trademark Moan4stallone Lasertime LLC incorporated) lol

  3. Mad Max is my favorite movie of the year, however I’m hrlla bummed Sicario and Hateful 8 got no loves. I think Tom Hardy is far more deserving of Bedt Supporting than Sly.

  4. Brooklyn is a Canadian-Irish co-production. Between Brooklyn and Room, this is the year of Canadian productions yo

    1. The Burger joint featured at the end of Room is right down the street from me. When I got out of Room I went right there and got a burger.

      Felt surreal.

    1. The concept was good, but I’ve seen so many people make the same joke about Room that I kinda knew it was coming unfortunately.

      1. I knew it was an obvious joke, but it’s a hard movie to write a funny sketch about. I went through four or five drafts where the seriousness was the joke before going, “Fuck it! I’m getting Wiseau clips!” And now I have a ton of Tommy Wiseau sitting in my iTunes waiting to come up on shuffle and confuse everybody.

        1. I loved it. The more I here Wiseau talk, and the more stories about him that I hear, the more I am convinced XKCD is right… and he is DB Cooper.

  5. I think I am already annoyed at the Oscars and they haven’t even happened yet… Mostly because I am sick of Leo fans & award shows (now that he has one can he go away now?) AND I really think Mad Max should win and that is looking really unlikely
    ALSO!!!! I am really hoping Chris Rock walks out, says “Ya’ll are mother fucking racist” and drops the mics and walks right out he door. It would be probably the most epic moment in Oscar history.

  6. I’ve seen an usually small amount of Oscar noms this year. Usually I’m fairly good with at least catching up with things by the time the nominees are out, but for whatever reason this year I just didn’t bother. To quote the immortal Brettbot “oh well.”

  7. Glad to see all the love for Room. I haven’t seen all the nominees yet but Room is my favourite even though it won’t win best picture (but Brie is pretty much a lock for best actress…hey remember when she was on Community?) As to Mikel’s point about Room being a faithful adaptation, that’s probably because the author adapted her own work for the screenplay. Can’t believe you guys didn’t bring up the escape scene in Room when praising it. Even though I knew they escaped, I was on edge that whole scene as if Jack wasn’t going to make it and the movie deserves so much credit for that. I also really liked the movie’s second act with life after their escape…in that regard its like the sad depressing version of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt lol

    At this point I think it’s down to Spotlight, Big Short, and Revenant for best picture. Of those 3 I’m with Spotlight

    1. Room was the one movie I didn’t want to spoil, because not knowing if they escape is so important to watching it. Knowing the ending to all the rest – mostly based on true and modern stories – doesn’t make much difference.

      That escape scene was brutal. I haven’t read the book, but Mikel said it captured the feeling perfectly of you yelling at him in your head to say “Help! I’ve been kidnapped!” but still understanding why he can’t.

      I’m really pulling for it for screenplay for things like that. It’s hard to take a book that’s all internal monologue from an unreliable narrator and translate it visually.

      1. That’s fair, I guess I didn’t really consider the escape a spoiler because it’s obvious that happens from the trailer

        1. I was spoiled on them escaping through a weird conversation. My mother had pointed out to me that a Burger joint near me was featured in a movie that got nominated for Best Picture. I had seen Spotlight which was filmed in Toronto, and it had no burger joint scene. No other movies on the slate were filmed in Toronto, so when I sat down to see Room, I was all like “Well, they have to get out cause at some point they have to go and get burgers. Thanks Mom!”

          1. That sucks, but honestly if it was supposed to be a secret then I feel like it wouldn’t have been mentioned explicitly in the trailer. so the fact that the trailer clearly states that they do escape doesn’t really make it a spoiler.

            Now that being said, there are real big events in the second half of the movie that I would consider spoiler and it sounds like those parts haven’t been spoiled so it’s still worth seeing, as there are still some great moments that you probably didn’t have spoiled.

  8. Oh God the Revenant was fucking awful. That movie was made by people who have never ever had to go through a single winter in their life. Two more minutes of heavy breathing Leo and I’d have walked out.

  9. The Martian. Bridge of Spies, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Big Short, Spotlight, The Revenant, and way down the ladder is Brooklyn… didn’t get around to watching Room. I really enjoyed most of the movies, with the exception of Brooklyn which was just a rather boring romance that didn’t appeal to me at all. Both Matt Damon and Tom Hanks are amazing in their respective roles, even though I guess DiCaprio is finally going to get his Oscar. The Martian is my favorite of the bunch and I wish I had read the book beforehand because I would enjoy even more of the same.

  10. The Martian has one of those problems with recent science fiction movies that I blame on Baby Boomers: the movie takes place in 2035, so the astronauts would be in their 30’s or younger, I’d guess, so they’re born after 2000, but of course they listen to music from the 70’s, disco in The Martian, classic rock in Interstellar, I think, and watch classic TV like Happy Days. Is it likely that anyone born after 2000 would be so into these things that they would bring no other entertainment? There was nothing in these peoples’ teen years that they would care about more than the stuff that the writers grew up with? I think even Seinfeld would be more likely to be their favorite TV than Happy Days. Even in Star Trek shows like Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, the characters focus on entertainment that’s familiar to us, instead of something that came along in the centuries between now and when they take place.

    The Cracked podcast this morning about the Oscars said that Thomas Hardy’s accent is accurate to a part of Virginia, I think.

    1. I live in Texas and Hardy’s accent was pretty accurate to someone who has dipped his whole life (back in the olden days, dipping had a tactical reason, you get your nicotine fix but you don’t emite smoke or leave a scent during tracking) so it would make sense that Hardy’s accent would be from someone who tracks animals for their fur in “injun” territory.

      And yeah, part of my issues is as a FUCKING MILLENIAL (I was born in ’87), all of the music Damon’s character listens to is music from the 70’s. Do I like some music from then? Sure. But if I was in my 40’s in 2035, I would have begun to regress to a purely 90’s musicals interest (I already have at 29 with my playlist of 311, Eminem and gangsta rap) so all of the motown trash (and I respect motown) felt extremely disengenous to me.

      1. I know the disco music was the lady captain’s music, not Matt Damon’s, but still, it seems unlikely someone born in the ’00s would only bring 70’s music on a long trip. Rap or boy bands or whatever you call the current auto-tuned stuff seems more likely to me.

    2. I think the point of that is this: Today finding someone who likes Disco and stuff isn’t that hard. But in 2035, it absolutely would be niche as shit and you would find it grating. It’s the equivalent of someone today jamming out to malt shop oldies.

    3. I’ve come to learn that nothing bridges the gap between audience and science fiction like contemporary pop culture references. I admit that I’m guilty of it myself, finding myself attracted to Robert J Sawyer books because of it’s numerous references to Star Trek and Canadian stuff. That was once part of the appeal of Judd Apatow movies and even Kevin Smith. It’s more useful in something like science fiction in that their worlds are usually more foreign to modern audiences. They don’t necessarily make the piece any better, but I suspect they are a big part of why so many people have instantly connected with The Martian. The book was being hailed as the defining science fiction book of the decade and, well, being an avid science fiction reader, I have a big problem with that assertion.

  11. I couldn’t disagree more with Chris about The Martian. I thought it was the most enjoyable movie of the year. Liked it a hell of a lot more than the A New Hope remake. (aka The Force Awakens)

    1. I think I was a little too harsh on The Martian, because hell, I did have plenty of fun with it. It’s a great story, for sure, but I don’t believe it was executed well enough to be anywhere near Best Picture caliber.

  12. I’m definitely on the boat of people who are more interested in hearing (to this podcast) and talking to other people about what they think about the movies that have been released in the past year than actually watching the Oscars. I’ll probably just re-listen to this episode instead of watching the show, anyway…

  13. I didn’t like Mad Max and I know I’m an outlier on that. Just didn’t grab me and I couldn’t care less to ever see it again. Then again i also loved Age of Ultron.

    However, as someone who has a career in the sciences, specifically biology, I fucking loved the Martian. Sound movie. Matt Damon actually ACTED LIKE A SCIENTIST unlike that shit the people pretended to be in Interstellar. It was great. I expected him to die all the time but it shows the power of acting rationally, logically, and how that can help survive even the worst of conditions. That’s science and it was fantastic. If you aren’t a scientist, I can see where all of that will be completely lost.

    1. Also fuck the new reverse-Leo hate bandwagon. I loved the Revenant and thought he was incredible in it. If it wasn’t for all the internet hype over Leo and the Oscars then no one would be bashing that role.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s because of the internet hype, but the movie itself. To me, the movie felt like such an exercise in overacting and it took two and a half hours to do it. I suppose it’s just hard to relate to that kind of experience and most other movies try to at least bring you into that world before crushing the character’s spirit.

  14. Just wanna go on record saying I think I was a little harsh on certain films during the show (I was a little punchy from a day of recordings, it ran real long, alcohol, etc), particularly on Spotlight. While I maintain it’s a fairly by-the-numbers period piece (set in Ye Oldern Days of 2001) and it’s primary goal is to romanticize old journalism. However, that it made me mad over the bureaucracy, justice for the victims, etc… that was probably a major fucking point of the film, wasn’t it? I think I misdirected some of that anger back at the film, so… whoops? Don’t worry, I bought it, I’ll give it another shot.

    Oh, and those of you in the LT Facebook group might remember I was a little distracted.

    1. Sometimes what you expect out of a movie, and don’t get, even if it wasn’t really the point of the movie, can completely kill a good movie. If you see ads that make a movie look like one genre, then it doesn’t really go that way, it can disappoint you, even in a movie that you’d otherwise usually like.

  15. I will admit to only seeing Mad Max and The Martian, but everything else seems like such Oscar-bait. Henry’s praise has me interested in The Big Short, but the rest of the nominees just look so…”blehhhh”. Where is Beasts of No Nation? Where is Ex Machina? Straight Outta Compton? Creed? (Shit, looking at those absences, the complaints about the Oscars being too white this year come somewhat more sharply into focus.) I really do hope Mad Max takes Best Picture, it was my pick for the best of 2015 (along with the rest of the internet). And for the record, I agree with Chris: The Martian does not deserve to be on this list. It’s a fun little movie, and Matt Damon shows off some comedic chops, and I liked watching it, but it is absolutely not Best Picture Material.

  16. Given how predictable the Oscars has been every year, the fact that Mad Max was even nominated is amazing. Unfortunately there were plenty of great films that are not in the running like Creed and Hateful 8.

    1. Very true. Because Mad Max came out early this year, we’re familiar with its greatness, but it is FUCKING INSANE that it’s nominated. The three genres the Oscars ignore are sci-fi, full-on comedy and action/adventure. Fury Road is two of those.

      Previous sci-fi nominees have a message or theme, like District 9 (apartheid) or ET (childhood). What’s Mad Max’s message? Don’t be a misogynist dictator? Helping people is good?

      Previous action/adventure movies were epics (LOTR: Return of the King) or well-made blockbusters (Star Wars, Raiders). Mad Max is in that latter category, but it’s still weird for its, well, weirdness. Lactating women factories and a guy with elephantitis and nipple rings aren’t usually in prestige films.

  17. I have seen a lot of films this year, but like the last few years, I’ve seen only half (or less) Oscar films this year. My rank would be Mad Max: Fury Road, Spotlight, and The Revenant. The three films I really want to see but haven’t yet are Room, Brooklyn, and The Martian. Overall, I would be happy if Mad Max: Fury Road or Spotlight (I disagree with Chris. Spotlight is a damn fine film) wins best film.

    Some notable favorite films of mine that aren’t nominated for best film: Creed, Sicario, Ex Machina, It Follows.

  18. Chris, you should vote. Voting is the only thing we really can do to make any changes in our lives, it’s even more important in your local areas where a fraction of the population actually goes out. Do you really want old conservatives dictating how you live your life? Because when you and your peers sit at home and don’t vote that’s exactly what happens.

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