Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Substitute


In what some call the greatest episode ever, we cry over a dead spider while learning that Bart would be a successful politician if kids remembered to vote…



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11 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Substitute

  1. Great episode. One of the funniest parts of Talking Simpsons is that while I haven’t actually watched The Simpsons in years I have still seen the first 10 seasons so much that it’s all still bouncing around in my head and I still know every joke and beat by heart. I know you guys have said that you’re shooting for shorter episodes but as a fan of 3 hour long podcasts already, the longer the better.

  2. This was great guys thanks! I have to say I really look forward to the podcast coming out each week. Let me just say you guys are doing a great job there. This episode is very poignant, but I am really excited about you guys getting to season 3 and beyond.

  3. This episode’s third act/ending and “Do it for her” are my go-to cry moments in the Simpsons. Love how a show that can be so cartoony and hilarious can also really cut deep.

  4. I’m glad that you’re not feeling hidebound to keeping the episodes to half an hour, we’ll happily listen to as much as you have to say about the Simpsons. But if there has to be an ad, can’t you leave a space to insert it? This one broke right into the middle of the discussion, I guess just because it was the midway point of the show. The other shows are doing a better job of creating a natural point to push products, and maybe these sponsors came in after the shows were already recorded, so it’ll be done better in future recordings.

  5. So, Dustin Hoffman also plays a teacher in “Stranger Than Fiction”, and he’s my favorite part of that movie. He has the same calm and nurturing attitude that he does here, and just makes you feel good. He reminds me of all the best teachers I had when I was growing up. I’m not sure if this is the BEST episode of The Simpsons, but it’s unquestioningly in the top 5. Great episode, guys.

  6. Hi! Great show (started tearing up listening to it, probably more so than simply watching it). Curious what Winnipeg news article you were in. Any link available by any chance?

  7. I legitimately cried while watching this episode…

    I haven’t cried in like 5 years, but I’m literally in my final few weeks of college, and this episode really spoke to me. I’ve been working under an awesome John Keating-esque teacher for over a year, and it hit too close to home. I love this show.

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