Wayne’s World 3 Has An Official Script And Crowdfunding Campaign… NOT!


A VERY dedicated Wayne’s World fan has made a poster, 120-page script, and trailer so that his take on old-aged Wayne and Garth can be read by Paramount. Read on to learn more about it!

Here at Laser Time, we LOVE Wayne’s World. Back when we ranked all 11 SNL movies, both of Wayne and Garth’s adventures landed in the top 4 with one of the films taking the top spot. You can bet we’ll be watching both via our weekly Monday Night Movies series at some point as we geek out about this sorely missed series. Suffice it to say; we’re big fans. But even we’re not worthy to be called a fan on par with Trevor Schindeler, who has put together quite the package of content to pitch a sequel to Paramount Pictures.

If Mike Myers was on the hunt for a prospective script, Mr. Schindeler has a whopper of a 120-page take on Wayne and Garth as old dudes in the year 2047. Slightly less impressive is the movie poster where Wayne and Garth show greyed hair alongside an awkward WWIII logo and a trailer that many may be “contractually prohibited” from watching and has a weird vendetta against vegetarians that was never seen in any of the previous skits or movies. If you take a liking to the script or trailer, you can help the script get read by donating to Schindeler’s GoFundMe. In the meantime, enjoy the Wayne’s World skit from last year’s Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special, which was way longer than most previous skits, so perhaps it counts as a mini-movie?

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