Cape Crisis #177 – Captain Cold Chills Out


Hank, Brett, and Dave give a cold reception to this classic Flash enemy, then dive deep into DC’s Rebirth, lots of R-rated super stuff, and all that we’ve been reading this week…


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Cape Crisis #177 Question: What would your DC reboot project be?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #177 – Captain Cold Chills Out

  1. you know, it feels like the comic book cinematic universe as a whole is going through the same growing pains that the paper universe went through. everything is being amped up and made edgy and more real to hook an older and aging demographic now that these films have been going for nearly two decades. it’s really interesting.
    I’ll say this, that Keira Knightly/Cable Photoshop job makes her look like the Jill character from the 99 DC series Giant Killer. it almost exactly like her!

  2. You can tell wentworth miller is having fun with captain, I think his line delivery is on purpose and domonic purcell as heat wave was alot of fun to see because he was his brother on prison break.

  3. I love Captain Cold on the Flash show so so much.
    Speaking of which: Hank, you should definitely watch this week’s episode (King Shark) if you haven’t, it’s got an awesome ending.

  4. Bring back Ted Kord! In doing so, you could reignite the greatest bromance in comic books by reuniting Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! They were, by far, the best part of the late ’80s/early ’90s Justice League books!

  5. I want them to bring back Secret Six. and by that I mean the Gail Simone line up of Catman, Deadshot, Bane, Scandal Savage, Jeanette, and Ragdoll. The current book is kinda alright , but the reason Simone’s previous lineup was so beloved is that that particular set of characters had over several volumes developed into a close family unit and had a incredible dynamic. They were so close knit it was like a villain version of the Bat-family. DC and Simone tried to bring it back in the new 52 by just bringing together a bunch of randoms but that missed the point of the book. Scandal, Jeanette, and Ragdoll show up occasionally in the new book, but without Deadshot as the drunk uncle and Bane and Catman as the stern dad team, it’s not the same.
    And Secret Six deserves credit for making the joke character of Catman into a mix of Wolverine, Batman, and Kraven the hunter.
    Also look up Trials of Shazam, it’s what got me buying DC books when I’ve repped Marvel my whole life.

  6. Damnit, Hank, I’ve been commenting that you should watch Young Justice for, like, 3 years. C’mon, now is the time. It has everything! Really good Warner animation, obscure comic characters, teen drama! It’s an amazing spiritual successor to JLU.

    Also, I had no idea that Captain Cold had anything resembling a backstory (besides “man has ice gun, commits crimes”) until now. Great episode.

  7. Henrey can you make sure you watch legends of tomorow by next week? this weeks episode (s01e06) had a really wicked comic book reference I think you’d enjoy.

  8. I’ve only seen the first season of Young Justice because Cartoon Network is still hesitant to put out full season boxsets for most of its shows except Regular Show and Adventure Time. I only managed to find a full set of YJ season 1 because it was specially made for Wal-Mart. I mean, I get it’s an easy economic boon selling shows piecemeal to kids, but adults like this stuff too, CN.

    1. never mind, that walmart dvd was only the first half of season 1, so i’m even farther behind than i thought.

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