Daredevil Reconnects With Elektra In New Season 2 Trailer


Matt Murdock hooks up with an old flame just as ninjas are invading New York in the newest Netflix trailer…

Just a year after we wondered if a Marvel series could even work on Netflix’s binge-watching service, everyone is dying for a new installment of Daredevil. Arriving March 18 (look out Batman and Superman), we already know that The Punisher will be making waves. But he won’t be the only familiar face for longtime comic fans. Here’s your first chance to meet the new Elektra…

First off, the action in this one doesn’t seem as brutal as what we saw in the last trailer. It’s more of the surgical and agile moves you’d need to take on a punch of ninjas.

Not to mention that quick flash of action is the best DD’s live action suit has looked to date. Not only that, but they name “The Hand” after some very heavy teasing of the ancient ninja clan. And speaking of ninjas, Matt looks to be fighting even more of them this time around.


We even got some flashes of sexy times between Matt and Elektra, so perhaps DD’s producers learned from Jessica Jones’ that a few spicy scenes go well with super action. Again, the whole show will appear at once on March 18, and if you’re looking for some good Daredevil recommendations before then, check them out below!






2 thoughts on “Daredevil Reconnects With Elektra In New Season 2 Trailer

  1. That suit looks so damn bad ass. The improvements (more red, brighter eyes) are awesome. Couldn’t be more excited for this at this point.

  2. I thought Daredevil season 1 was a great Kung Fu story. Now I think Daredevil season 2 will be the best Kung Fu tv show ever. Super excited!

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