The Batmobile in Rocket League Is 2016’s Best Game-Movie Tie-In


Rocket League has once again spawned the perfect movie tie-in, with a Batmobile skin coming to the soccer-driving game ahead of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s theatrical release.

True to its name, Rocket League is on fire. It just landed on Xbox One, it’s getting a physical release soon, and next month, it’s going to have 2016’s top movie tie-in with the Batmobile. Check out the trailer below for the Batmobile Car Pack, coming to Rocket League for $2 on March 8.

To round out the superheroic content, the pack will also included antenna flags themed after Bats, Superman, and Wonderwoman (though I could have sworn that I saw Wonder Woman’s invisible jet in that trailer). This perfect mixture of a download-friendly price and an instantly recognizable piece of pop-culture history recalls Rocket League’s previous foray into movie-focused DLC, when the DeLorean from Back to the Future came to Rocket League to celebrate Back to the Future Day in 2015. Hopefully, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers pan out and we get a movie as worthy of Rocket League DLC as BTTF’s.

Will you be getting the Batmobile in Rocket League when the DLC launches next month? Let us know below, and watch Batman and Superman go toe-to-toe in one our great DC-themed streams below (or read about Batman vs Superman in our recent Top 7)!

2 thoughts on “The Batmobile in Rocket League Is 2016’s Best Game-Movie Tie-In

  1. I’ll be perfectly OK to see Rocket League DLC having only movie cars, my wish list includes, the blues brothers car, the ecto-one and maybe the garth mobile from waynes world.

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