Cheap Popcast #73 – Fastlane Fallout, Shane’s Return, Bull-Bye, & PPV Changes


Dave, Hank, and Brett recount Fastlane’s great moves and unfortunate pitstops, discuss Shane McMahon’s insane return, discuss the bullish ties between NXT & Lucha Underground this week, and pick apart the WWE’s PPV schedule.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What WWE PPV would you remove from the schedule, and what (if anything) would you put in its place?

15 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #73 – Fastlane Fallout, Shane’s Return, Bull-Bye, & PPV Changes

  1. I would take Battleground out and move Money in the Bank up to July.Then put Elimination Chamber in June. Battleground is such an unnecessary PPV that has no gimmick. The one PPV a month thing is left over from the brand split era which needs to come back!

  2. While there were good matches at Fastlane (Owens-Ziggler, Styles-Jericho), it was all so by the numbers even though my own and even last episode’s predictions were surprisingly off at times.

    QOTW: Hell in a Cell, it simply does not have to same punch as it used to have. This isn’t whether things were better before PG WWE or not, it just doesn’t fully work in the current approach they have towards wrestling, making it less special having multiple matches per PPV every year. In the past when Hell in a Cell was booked it was a huge “holy sh*t” moment, now just another “ok… that’s a another non-headlining mid card match… who is in it? Oh, nevermind.” I’m not saying you can’t have the match period, just make its booking rare and have more meaning and weight.

  3. DUDE I won! Holy shit. This is extra special because I’ve been hoping to win since the beginning AND today is my birthday. What a surprise! I literally raised my hands up and fake yelled in joy in my office when listening just now.

    Thanks Dave for making my birthday extra special!

    1. Also, for QOTW:

      I would take out one of the dull summer PPVs (like battleground) and bring back Bash at the Beach. Loved the name and it can set a great summer feel to the event.

      Also I loved the name Starrcade and think it could be a great end-of-year PPV to end the year with instead of TLC.

  4. QOTW – I would get rid of the Money in the Bank PPV and move the match back to Mania. I would either replace it with Halloween Havoc because why not, or I would do Bash at the Beach and surround the ring with water like they did on WCW Nitro Spring Break episodes. I just want to see the authority tossed into the water and plus it would give a reason for Roman to come out with Wet hair I mean “Why is his Hair so wet?!”

  5. I’m with Brett, get rid of TLC, but I think they should just have fewer PPVs in general. Cut back to one every five weeks so that there are 10 a year. Give more time to actually develop storylines on the show and make them focus on putting good content together on a weekly basis instead of coasting through to the next PPV 3 weeks later.

  6. This is an easy one for me, I’d drop Hell in the Cell, that kind of match should always be a big feud ending kind of match and having it as just a match as part of a feud and on the same night as maybe one or 2 other Cell matches loses all its impact. In its place I would bring back King of the Ring as a proper PPV, it’s always a fun event and can easily be used to set up new feuds and storylines to go into the summer with. Also move it around so it comes sometime before Summerslam and as mentioned on the podcast be used as a way to set up the main event for Summerslam.

  7. QOTW: I’d get rid of Battleground. It is a useless PPV with no gimmick or reason to exist. In it’s place, I’d bring back King of the Ring. I feel like KOTR is a fan favorite event. But ever since they semi-retired the title after Brock Lesnar won it at the last KOTR PPV in 2002, it has done little to nothing to help talent. King Booker probably did the best by capturing his first and only WWE World title. But William Regal, Sheamus and Barrett have not benefited at all. I think it actually hurt Barrett because he dropped the Bad News gimmick which was actually getting him over. Bring back King of the Ring and actually make it prestigious again.

  8. Agree on Hell in the Cell, it should be a special match for a hot feud, not something that needs to be shoehorned into a feud to fit a PPV/special. Remember how they booked themselves into a corner w/ Ryback and Punk? Completely killed Ryback’s momentum.

    And they should bring back War Games. If you want to know why, watch Great American Bash 1987. The roster is probably not deep enough, but it would be great if done right.

  9. I would remove fast lane, put elimination chamber back in its spot. Finally in the whole where elimination chamber was, I would insert a new event where the main event uses the old WCW Triple Cage from “Ready to rumble”

  10. I don’t like Battleground, but I really hate the idea of the Hell in Cell pay-per-view. Obi-Gyn-Kenobi said it right when he said the Hell in a Cell match should be a special thing at a random PPV, and not at the end of one named after it. I would replace it with an Elimination Chamber PPV. I already love elimination matches, so that PPV speaks volumes to me.

  11. Last week I went to an NXT house show with my casual mark friend. He was excited to learn Samoa Joe was in the tag main since he watched TNA for a cup of coffee during the time he was on top. Also Zayn and Baylor cosplayed as each other in after main event antics. Take that all you Bayley Baylor shippers I saw the true Valentines in their natural state.

    For the QOTW they need to get back the championship scramble. Its a fun gimmick that gave us interim WWE champ The Brian Kendrick for a few sweet glorious minutes. Plus its a gimmick you don’t have to fake a blood feud with like HIAC since it can just happen for the hell of it.

  12. QOTW: TL;DR: Replace NoC with King of The Ring a la G1 Climax/New Japan Cup with the winner getting a shot at the title of their choice.

    I would get rid of Night of Champions. I like the idea of every championship being defended at a PPV but WWE usually forgets about 1 or 2 of the titles until after the last minute; leading to a hastily planned, poorly executed story. I’d replace it with a revamped King of The Ring, that apes the G1 Climax and New Japan Cup tournaments. The lead up begins before Summerslam with 32 wrestlers splint into two 16 blocks. Round robin play happens over the following weeks with the last matches wrapping up on the undercard of Summerslam. From there the top 8 in each block are seeded into a single elimination bracket (1A vs 8B, 1B vs 8a etc.) and first round matches happen on RAW/SD in the lead up to the PPV. At the PPV the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final are all the takes place. The winner, instead of getting a lame gimmick and fake crown, receives a huge (kayfabe) payday and a Main Event match, at Survivor Series or HIAC, against the champion of their choice. Why the choice? Simple, if someone like Kalisto pulls a Cinderella run and wins the tournament you don’t want him getting his ass beat against the WWEWHC. So have him go after the US Champ or IC Champ. This allows champs to remain “strong” and “intimidating” while also elevating lower belts.

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