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For nearly 10 years a barrage of superheroes adorned my desk at Future and Capcom. While these action figures ranged from the 80s Secret War line all the way to modern movie tie-ins, most of them came from the 2000s “Marvel Legends” line. This line was known for its detail, articulation and high price point, but damn were they nice!

Since leaving Capcom, however, I am without a desk. I had to jettison most of these figures, sending them to loving homes instead of my Toy Story-like purgatory. However, before abandoning them, I took pics to share with everyone! Up first… an all-Ultron edition!



Years before they were a household name, The Avengers brand was a distant third to Spider-Man and the X-Men. The prior two had successful cartoon and toy runs via Fox Kids and Toy Biz, but Avengers animated efforts never quite caught on. Maybe it was the odd lineup (no Thor, Iron Man and Cap barely appear) or a case of superhero cartoons petering out, but even I barely caught a single episode in its original run.

What I did pay attention to, however, were the toys – and specifically Ultron, my favorite villain. The iconic Jack O’ Lantern face is well represented and I love the cables extending out from his neck. However, I’m not wild about his weird slanted stance…


It’s possible this is unique to my figure, possibly due to years of leaning or even errant sun damage. Who can say? Anyway, I’m also not a big fan of the Batman-style antenna poking upward from his head. His classic look is a little less ‘50s sci-fi IMO.


But of course these ‘90s toys need a gimmick, so Ultron here has a hole in his arm that accepts a giant laser cannon… which I lost more than a decade ago, naturally. Once the gun is inserted, it actually lights up via connector pins inside the hole. It’s fiiiine but even as a child I didn’t care about extra features – I wanted a good sculpt with proper articulation.




The Vault is a recurring super-prison within the Marvel universe, used to contain all the baddies a typical prison couldn’t possibly keep within their walls. In 1998 we saw an entire toy line devoted to the Vault, complete with “jail bars” style packaging and a truly bizarre lineup of villains. How Ultron – one of the most powerful foes in all of Marvel – gets lumped with Typhoid Mary and fuggin’ Stegron is beyond me!


At the time I was so starved for Ultron toys that I believed this was a good figure. In some ways, it is – articulation is 1998-era appropriate, the face looks fine and there’s no unnecessary spring-loaded gimmick to interfere with play (and yes, 18-year-old me DID play with these). The back detail is actually pretty cool too!


Butttt I have never liked this weird robo-hoof look, especially in conjunction with the TV antenna. I don’t even recall a comic that featured this version of Ultron! I do understand the appeal as a toy manufacturer though, to iterate on a cool robot design and release a new version every so often, but at this point there wasn’t a solid, “classic” Ultron figure so why do all this?


The spiked shoulders are a nice callback to that classic design, at least, and I loooove the extra cables jutting out from his back. All in all this is a cool toy, I just can’t deal with those feet. And he’s blue, rather than silver but w/e.




Good god. This awful, awful thing. The Marvel Legends series was pretty amazing, and when I read Ultron was getting the ML treatment all I could envision was a badass, classic take on the character. That’s what the series was for, after all – the best takes on legendary costumes. NOTTTTTT goofball gimmicky BS like “wheeee people who ride things!”


Needless to say, I either lost or outright tossed the glider thing within a few days. But then the real drama began, as this robo-goon can barely even stand with those piddly insect feet. He’s top heavy as hell, to the point where even if you can get him to stand, the weight will slowly bend the legs over time.


And wtf is with these turbines in his chest? Again I’m all for iterating on a design for the sake of a cool one-off toy, but – also again – we still didn’t have a regular Ultron in the Legends line, so why put this thing out? Did he ever appear in the comics like this? EVENNNNN if he did wtffffff I am real glad to be rid of this thing.

Lotso Ultrons

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While I did jettison most of my Ultrons, I did keep this Diamond Select one (arguably the best Ultron figure to date) and one of the 2014 “build an Iron Monger” models.

If you happen to like this article, good news – I can do more! I have so many more photos of old toys to share. Shall I??





14 thoughts on “Talkin’ Toys – 90s and 2000s Ultron figures

  1. Okay I’m gonna leave a real comment too. I was pretty disappointed when the Disney Infinity (which had been cartoon versions of the comic designs) was so much the movie design, so much personality is lost without that lantern smile.

  2. I had the same set up with my GI Joe’s. Before I had kids, my home office was basically my 8 year old bedroom with my Joe’s on display on shelves and my desk. Now they are all bagged and in storage bins in my attic. I could not give them up.

  3. My desk has a been slowly amassing the current Marvel Legends figures that Hasbro has been putting out for the past few years. Ultron specifically is a bummer. There are very few modern figures with a classic Ultron look. There was a Target three pack last year that came close with Ultron, Hulk and Vision but it has a bunch of red orbs all over his body. Brett’s right though, the best is probably the Marvel Select figure but unfortunately if you’re as big of a dork as I am about action figures scale, I don’t like the size difference between Marvel Legends and Marvel Select. It works with bigger characters like Thanos, Juggernaut, Thing, Abomination, and maybe Venom, but personally I don’t like the size of that Ultron.

  4. This is a fun feature! As someone whose living room is decorated with many Transformers, DC Classics, and amiibos, I whole-heartedly encourage more comic-toy based articles.

  5. I had that exact vault ultron as a kid! I don’t remember how I got it and I ripped off the package so fast that I never knew what it was. I just thought it was a cool cyborg demon alien

  6. Yes I would read more articles like this one. The only Marvel action figure I have is the first of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. I would like to have more but I can never decide what series to buy from.

  7. I enjoyed reading this, I had no idea there were that many Ultron figures, and I’m surprised to see how open to interpretation he was by the toy companies. If you can make more articles in this series, then please do so!

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