Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu Stream – Let’s Do This!


Our Tuesday stream is usually reserved for new releases or other HOT STUFF within the cultural zeitgeist… but this week we’re sayin’ nah to all that & celebrating Rumble in the Bronx’s 20th anniversary with some Jackie Chan NES excellence!

As you (better!) know, we stream every Tuesday (new releases / Jackie Chan anniversaries), Wednesday (The Shit Show) and Thursday (Nintendo only!) at 3pm Pacific. For example peep last week’s Shit Show:

It really sucks! But in a fun, viral, share-with-your-friends kinda way that we desperately hope you enjoy.






One thought on “Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu Stream – Let’s Do This!

  1. that seems like a fun little game.
    I don’t know how I missed t hen it came out, I guess just because there were millions of games to play. glad Brett played through the whole thing. the audio was kind of low though, I had to crank it up on my laptop just to hear the commentary.

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