Talking Simpsons – The War Of The Simpsons


Marge and Homer’s marriage is tested like never before while Lisa and Bart take advantage of the elderly in this episode of surprising firsts…



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10 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The War Of The Simpsons

  1. Oh, I’m a northerner who knows who General Sherman is. I briefly lived in LaGrange, Georgia for about four years from age 8 to 12. Every time we had to do a report on the Civil War (which was A LOT), I did mine on Sherman, mainly just to watch their blood boil. I am so glad that stay was brief.

    1. As per the “punch” discussion – my friends and I make it, referring to it as “Jungle Juice.” The first time we did it, it was the drunkest anyone had ever been (lots of puking and terrible hangovers). I can totally understand how hammered Homer gets off of it this episode.

  2. I have to agree with the reviewers that the ending was not earned in the least. If Homer has a serious drinking problem, what does him giving up a fish while sober have to do with anything? At best, it’s symptomatic of an abusive relationship, where the abusing spouse promises real hard that things are going to be better using a tiny token gesture as evidence. That he made the promise proves nothing and only serves to prolong which is clearly a broken relationship. That said, I’m glad to see even the amazing Simpsons writers struggle with the same things I do, trying to force an ending where none organically exists.

    As well, I was rather hit back by how awful Homer is when drunk. I quit drinking only two months ago and while I was never battling alcoholism to any great degree, (though some pundits do count the occasional beer alone as alcoholism) combining that with this episode really reminded me just how effective a depressant alcohol can be. If anything, this episode scared me off booze even more than my occasional hangovers.

  3. While Homer doesn’t go fishing often, I remember in The Leader episode (Joy of Sect), Homer goes fishing and even sings a song about it set to the Batman theme. Only reason I remember it is because of that I’d sing the Batman song to things I’m doing.

    I totally forgot about this episode until watching it recently to follow Talking Simpsons. It’s a solid episode, but I totally agree with you guys. It’s tough to follow up the Lisa’s Substitute episode.

  4. Fishing also featured in that treehouse of horror segment where kang and kodos replace clinton and dole.

    Oh and also when you eat a fish from the Springfield river (or hock it at cars) , you’re eating Springfield. This town is a part of us all, a part of us all, a part of us all!

  5. Oh man….you guys need to use the opening of this episode as the basis of a “Drunk Stories” episode of Laser Time.

    I remember the first time I saw my Mom drunk. I was about 20 years old, and my parents had come back from a Firefighter banquet (my dad’s a fuckin’ firefighter), and my mom had had Jello shots FOR THE FIRST TIME. She called me into their room and kept telling me how I was “a great guy and you’ll find a girlfriend soon. They’re out there”. She had to hold herself steady with her dresser cause she was swaying so bad. They borrowed my car to go to the banquet, and my Dad told me the next day that they had to pull over on the way home because my mom almost threw up in my car.

  6. I agree with Jonwahizzle – I thought the drunk parent stories were really interesting, mostly because I don’t really have any of those stories. My parents never had religious, moral, or even health reasons to avoid drinking, but they very rarely did, and so it’s weird to think about my parents being ridiculously drunk.

    The closest thing I can recall was when I was 15 or 16 and at my dad’s house for the weekend. One of his brothers (the biggest party animal of the family) came over and my dad got tipsy and started poking fun at me for playing video games. Nothing hurtful in the long run, but I remember thinking he was being a jerk.

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