Fire Emblem: Fates – Let’s Try This

Streaming a Nintendo 3DS game? Oh, we’re gonna try! And why not start with the rarest 3DS game in all the land: Fire Emblem: Fates (from the special edition)

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Watch The New Nintendo Direct With Us!

A wild Nintendo Direct appears! What news and reveals could await us today? We’ll all find out together if you join us for a special stream at 2pm PST and forever on YouTube later!

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The Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Makes Us Feel Good

The sky isn’t falling! The new Ghostbusters may trade out the original quartet for four of today’s best women comic actors, but if the trailer is any indication, it’s still got the same mix of hilarity of action.

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Cape Crisis #178 – X-Force X-Plodes

Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave take on the messy history of Rob Liefeld’s ’90s-riffic team, as well as share thoughts on Young Justice, some new books, and your QOTW replies…

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