The Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Makes Us Feel Good


The sky isn’t falling! The new Ghostbusters may trade out the original quartet for four of today’s best women comic actors, but if the trailer is any indication, it’s still got the same mix of hilarity of action.

While we’ve been hearing about a new Ghostbusters for ages (along wit the debate about whether any new crew should take over for Venkman, Stanz, Spengler, and Zeddemore), it’s taken some time for a trailer to finally surface. Sony Pictures has finally released the first trailer for the upcoming reboot, due out on July 15. Check out the trailer below!

While we’ve still got likely another hour and 59 minutes of footage left to check out, this first glimpse of the comedienne quartet is pretty good. You’ve got Melissa McCarthy’s physical humor, Kate McKinnon’s eccentricity, Kristen Wiig’s dry humor, and Leslie Jones’ brash brand of comedy all on display in short order, and while some of the special effects may border on outrageous (gotta sell them 3D IMAX LOL WTF OMG TIX), at least we’ve still got Slimer looking pretty faithful to his original design.


What do you think of the trailer? Are you on board with the new girls-busters, are you waiting for a new crew of dudes, or do you wish the series had stayed in its containment unit? Sound off below!

43 thoughts on “The Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer Makes Us Feel Good

  1. oh… so it’s like an Earth 2 Ghostbusters? I thought it took place in the same universe? but them creating proton packs and the Ecto-1 would suggest otherwise. I kind of wish they would do like Dan Aykroyd said he originally pitched the first movie, where the Ghostbusters started to franchise across the country and world. that would make this work perfectly. ah well, continuity be damned! looks pretty good. and a lot slimier. I’m excited to see some ghostbustin’ again.

  2. I will totally acknowledge my funny bone might be broken, but does this movie really look funny to you? Outside of that, it look pretty faithful to Ghostbusters and could definitely be a good movie. The jokes just didn’t hit the mark with me.
    Also, Keith “I’m nobodies fourth Ghostbuster” David, kind of ruined one of the characters introduction, because that is all I can think of when she shows up.

  3. I really want to like this movie. I mean bustin’ makes me feel good guys, but this trailer. Sony is straddling the line here. They want to be fresh but it seems like they don’t want to alienate the old fans. The intros already seem the same, like the first part of the movie will have the two best friends start the idea they recruit a third professor and a fourth down to earth person joins the team. Down to the fact the average Joe ghostbuster is black? I mean are they that scared to switch things up? I hope the script isn’t so tied to the original that it puts Jones into the Hudson role that while fun was smaller because Murphy said “no” so they made his part smaller. Maybe I’m overacting but it seems like they aren’t trying to break the mold and that leaves me thinking, then why make this? I want new shit and I want Taylor Swift (or some other current artist, but I love Tay Sway) to make a fun theme song.

  4. We always have had good trailers for bad movies and bad trailers for good movies. The trailer makes it look like a usual bad comedy movie but I doubt its anything like that. I hope this becomes a surprise hit and the people hating it just cause they like the first one will be surprised that they end up enjoying it the same way they discovered the first movie.

    1. It’s possible your right, but with that trailer I’m not going to risk my money going to the theater to see it so the word of mouth would have to be pretty damn good for me to go see it.

      1. yeah, I would only trust word of mouth from people who I know that share similar taste of films that I do. A part of me hopes this is good considering it has a strong cast.

        1. I had some hopes considering the Director and writing staff have done some funny stuff with Heat, Spy and Bridesmaids but this trailer is just not working for me.

  5. Did we watch the same trailer?… The only part I found even mildly amusing was at the end when Melissa’s character is being slapped after her head twisted around. The rest of it just left me shaking my head. The dubstep version of the theme song didn’t help things either. If anything it looks more like the cartoon versions than the original movies. I’ve been expecting this movie to be a lousy crash grab by Sony for awhile now and this trailer didn’t do anything to make me change my mind. For now there is nothing here that makes me want to shell out the money to go see this in a theater.

  6. I am 100% on board with an all female Ghostbusters, but this humor was not doing anything for me. Also, is it just me, or did the ghosts look just like the monsters from the real life scooby doo movies? It’s all a little to colorful for my taste.

  7. I am so, so ready for people to stop trying to make Leslie Jones a thing. And I fully understand the need for more diversity, but it feels like at this point she’s literally just being cast because she fills the niche of black female. The problem is that she uses the EXACT same mannerisms in EVERYTHING, just completely one note. She’s basically the female Kevin Hart at this point.

    1. Amen, Leslie Jones is fucking trash, i genuinely don’t understand how she is even considered to be in the same league as the other three.

  8. I already know what’s up with Ghostbusters, I don’t need to watch a remake.

    If they gave it a new angle, like a teacher at a ghost-busting school, or competing ghost-buster startups, or it’s open-source like Uber and everybody’s a ghost-buster then maybe I’d give it a shot… but this is just the same old thing, they get slimed, they drive the car, they play the music, it’s those scenes again in that order.

    1. Agreed. This is why I was hoping it’d be a 30 Years Later sequel rather than a remake. As soon as “remake/reboot” got mentioned my interest dropped to zero.

  9. I am exactly as excited for this as I was for the Total Recall and Robocop remakes. Read into that what you will.

  10. This movie could be ok. It seems its,potential is not that high based on what I saw but could be an enjoyable experience like Jurassic World. Heck the trailer copies the trickley piano version of the theme and nostalgia baiting.

    I hope we get more funny and interesting Leslie Jones and not the Medea-esque caricature she sometimes falls into on SNL. Such a talent sometimes has to rely on “I’m loud, black and a woman” cliches. She is already set up as the 4th Ghostbuster.

  11. Baffled by the feedback here. I loved this trailer and have watched it at least three times with nothing but an enormous smile on my face. For those of you saying it ain’t funny, I couldn’t disagree more. Perhaps it’s my faith in the funny people involved, and probably how many times I’ve watched the original 1984 trailer, but yeah, it’s fairly standard marketing sizzle that plays to the cheap seats and focuses largely on SFX. But admittedly, that goddamn theme song, especially in an official capacity, goes a long fucking way for me!


    -Are the really “Ernie Hudsoning” Leslie Jones? The trailer makes it look like they’re omitting her from the Ghostbusters’ origins, which is something that probably only gets to folks who know how much Winston was in the original script, during the alleged Eddie Murphy casting.
    -The original 1984 library opening might be my single favorite scene in the history of film. It’s amazing, a tonally brilliant introduction, fucking terrifying, and eventually funny when you’re over 5yrs old. This trailer had its hooks in me immediately with that nod and the additional Wiig gag.
    -Kate McKinnon might be my favorite current SNL member, so it’s a shame she’s limited to a single line. Especially since she sounds like her UFO abductee character, one of the best sketches from last year:
    -McCarthy seems to be in full Spy mode, and I couldn’t be happier. Spy’s without out a doubt THE FUNNIEST MOVIE OF 2015, this is from the same writer/director, so please take a moment to see that before you say something stupid and ill-informed.
    -DUDE, THE GHOSTS! Obviously, Slimer’s an awesome touch, but I can’t imagine they’re not the product of CG, so I love, love LOVE that they mostly seem resemble the colorful puppetry the series is famous for. Kinda scary, kinda cartoony.
    -I get that folks are weary of reboots, while we’re simultaneously enjoying a bizarre era of sequels to 30yr old movies with the original cast, but C’MON: That was never gonna happen with Ghostbusters. One dude’s dead, another loudly refuses to come back. I’ll let my Twitter explain further:
    -Let it die, you say? Fuck that shit! Ghostbusters has dominated my little world on the strength of one excellent film, and a bunch of pretty cool to middling minutia, for fucking decades. Even if this movie is the worst of all-time, it can’t affect the legacy of the original film. So relax, this franchise was long overdue for ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and you couldn’t really assemble a better team of creative people.

    1. I trust in your guys taste’s when it comes to media. I watched many things that were said on the podcasts and have enjoyed them and you helped me introducing me to great stuff. I hope this movie will be good and will look forward to hear it from you guys on later shows. If you guys really like it then no doubt I’ll give it a watch.

    2. Creative people-wise, yes, there were a lot of wise choices. I’m not going to argue with you Chris since that would make us both more fed up, but I’ll give you my opinion of the trailer as a huge, huge Ghostbusters fan:

      – Theme tune use – well done.
      – I didn’t actually like the ghosts here. I thought they were far too CGI cartoony, not scary or believable at all. And turning the Library Ghost into a grossout humor gag ticked me off.
      – I loved the wig moment.
      – Aren’t you at least angry that they spoiled the Ghost Possession moment in the trailer? I HATE it when trailers feel like they’re about to end and then they go “But then this plot point is happening too! Aren’t you happy we’re telling it to you now instead of being surprised in the movie theater!!” Too many fucking trailers are doing this these days.
      – The line “The power of Patty compels you” bothered me to fuck. It’s a safe, inoffensive, Dreamworks version of a movie reference. If you reference something do it PROPERLY and more to the point – reference comedy is the lowest, easiest form of wit. Too easy. Ghostbusters is better than that.
      – And yeah, I admit beyond the wig moment I didn’t laugh.

    3. I really enjoyed Spy, Heat, and even Bridesmaids which all have the same director/writer and most of the same cast as this and this trailer still didn’t work for me. I don’t have a problem with them making a new movie with a new cast but it’s an enormously high bar.

    4. I’m a little baffled to Chris. much like a billion other people I’m a huge ghostbusters fan. I must watch it at least once a month. So needles to say it holds a strong place in my heart. That being said I understand that there is no way this new film can hold a candle to the original and that’s ok. That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy it. I wish that some people could understand/accept that the film makers aren’t trying to make a bad film or be disrespectful to the original. How many different versions of Batman are out there? 1966, Burton, Schumacher, Dini, Nolan, I could go on and on but you get the idea. Were they all good? No. But everyone has a favorite. One positive is that they aren’t trying to recast the original 4 busters. Would it be cool to see what those guys have been up to? Sure but let’s face it even that would feel like a parody and would feel like somthing to shut the fanboys up. For the people saying that the trailer isn’t funny: GOOD!! How many trailers for comedys give away all the jokes before you get to the theater? Most of them! To wrap this up. I’m not 100% happy with what I saw but it’s kinda nit picky. Like I still don’t know if the events of the first films happened or if it’s a complete reboot. It looks like a complete reboot but there is a quick shot of them in the old firehouse so it’ll be interesting to see how that ties in. I cant get over how bad the car looks. I know you can’t recreate such an iconic vehicle but this one looks like somthing someone made for a fan film. oh and The big twinkie easter egg was awesome!

      1. “For the people saying that the trailer isn’t funny: GOOD!!”

        For a comedy that’s a pretty damn negative point… and I still say the “ghost possession” bit at the end of the trailer was a huge spoiler I would’ve preferred to have seen in theaters.

        And I don’t want a new Ghostbusters movie if it doesn’t match up with the originals, or is at least good.

  12. I didn’t crack a smile even once. Maybe at Slimer, but even then not really. It wasn’t funny. It looks like same quality as RIPD or whatever that Ghostbusters meets MIB movie was. Looks like superficial crap and something I would see at 2pm on Comedy Central during the summer. No substance.

    That said, I thought the same thing about Spy and it was hilarious. Fieg might just make bad trailers.

    And I love all the actors involved. Wiig and McKinnon especially.

  13. I’m fine with this. I’m kinda annoyed that their treating the black person like the fourth Ghostbuster again but I love Leslie Jones and she’ll kill in that role. It’s a Paul Feig movie trailer i’l give that. The trailers for Spy and Bridesmaids didn’t make me laugh at all and then when I saw the films entirely, they were both extremely funny. I’m all for giving more lead roles in blockbusters to women for two reasons:
    1) I’m a progressive left wing person.
    2) I love trolling Men’s Rights Activists.

    Bring on July!

  14. I’m happy I have managed to get over my former man-child, fanboy nonsense and am finally able to separate my feelings to attempt to look at remakes of old franchises without needing to light a torch. That being said, this trailer was painfully awkward and (especially considering the talent involved) looked horrifically unfunny. The CG is awful and I hate how the ghosts look. I believe for the first time in my life, bustin did not make me feel good.

  15. I enjoy Ghostbuster and I’ll wait until the reviews are in to see if I will support it or not. If it’s good, I’ll go. If it’s not, I’ll save my money. I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept for people. God, those IGN and Polygon boards are just the absolute worst. The Lasertime community always struck me as one of the more positive communities on the net but some of these comments are baffling.

    Kristin Wiig is amazing and when McCarthy isn’t doing fat falls she can be pretty great as well. In the end, none of this matters since all of the bitching isn’t going to affect the final product.

    1. I wouldn’t say so. No one here is criticizing the fact that all the Ghostbusters are women now or anything like that, or hating on it on principle. We just didn’t like the trailer.

      You’re quite right, if the final product is roundly praised I’ll go and see it, and if not I won’t. But the trailer doesn’t fill me with confidence. So much about it felt wrong to me. Cartoony over-colorful CGI ghosts that weren’t scary? Inoffensive humor featuring gross-out comedy, film references and wacky dress-up gags? Being a remake?

  16. I just don’t get it. It just does not seem that funny to me. It just makes me miss how great Murray, Aykroyd and Raims were in the 80’s. Maybe this did not need another sequel.

  17. I loved this trailer. I’m looking forward to the movie and hopefully it’s good enough to get us a lot more Ghostbusters. The more movies, cartoons, comics, and toys the better. 🙂

  18. Yeah, what I watched didn’t seem particularly funny, and it was TOO rehashy of the original.

    Right down to the “We have 3 white scientists, and then we eventually get a black person”.

  19. It looks great to me. I’m really disheartened though to see just how many negative comments there are about it on Youtube and elsewhere.

    1. Great Caesars’ Ghost! The fan cut trailer does a 100% better job of making want to see that movie. Again, my funny bone didn’t find anything really all that great, but the movie looks like a fun time at least. Does it really just come down to swapping out the dubstepping with the original theme?

  20. I’ll also throw my hat onto the side of not liking the trailer but to be completely honest I’ve found nearly all modern trailers for comedies do NOT do them any favors, some even making them look outright terrible including films that I and/or many others have enjoyed that were critical and commercial successes. So, just like the modern comedies I have enjoyed, word of mouth will be the deciding factor for me personally at least.

    Funnily enough, compare that to modern horror films where most trailers do look good, even if (and for me unfortunately most of) the final product is complete bull.

  21. I didn’t think the trailer was particularly funny, but that’s fine — the movie can still be funny, and I’m not really worried about it. But the thing about Ghostbusters to me is that it’s not only REALLY funny, but it’s also like the best Lovecraft movie ever made. That’s the part of the formula that I don’t know they can nail, or care about, or are even really aware of — and I don’t see it in this trailer. So it might be okay, but I don’t think it’s gonna be great.

  22. New theme: Good
    References to the library scene: Bad
    References to the Winston/Subway scene: Bad
    New production design of the suits and car: Bad
    Quality of the Special FX: Good
    Lack of practical effects: Bad

    I’m not a fan of Paul Feig’s movies (though I have yet to see Spy) but I’m still willing to give it a shot. The trailer didn’t sway me either way though. I still wish they had just made a continuation of the universe. It provides some incentive for us that put so much stock in the universe of the other movies. I’m still holding out hope for a misdirection and the original cast are playing their original characters.

  23. I’m sure this is all work in progress footage and the humour will be CGI’d in later.

  24. I was in until i found out who the villain was.

    I’ll say the name only because of spoilers but I’ll let you google it . Rowan is his name….just….look…it’s terrible….

  25. I really wanted to like this, if just to justify my own SJW leanings, but man. Did anyone really laugh at the scene where she’s smacking Melissa Mccarthy? That’s two bits of dialogue in about twenty seconds that made me cringe. There’s an honest to god “Aw, hell naw” and a “That’s gonna leave a mark!” That’s broad man. Very close to Dreamworks animated movie broad for me. And that licking the gun thing. Is that funny? Is it supposed to be ironic? I really like Kate Mckinnon, but that just made me feel like I was missing something. And I’m sorry, was Kristen Wiig in that? I must have missed it.

  26. Also a huge ghostbuster fan here and was more then willing to see a new all female ghostbuster team but I think this trailer did the movie no favours.

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