Cheap Popcast #74 – Oscar Winners On WWE, Taker’s Return, & Lucha Ladders


Dave, Hank, Chris, and Brett talk about the rare times Oscar winners have worked with WWE before moving onto Undertaker’s return, NXT’s battle of champions, Lucha Underground ladders, and emotional speeches.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What wrestling interview, segment, or in-ring moment was worthy of an acting Oscar?

24 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #74 – Oscar Winners On WWE, Taker’s Return, & Lucha Ladders

  1. If we’re talking about the best acting in the squared circle, then my answer must involve Dusty Rhodes. I seem to be the only person to who enjoyed the shows being put on in the last days of WCW. While the main story lines where a who’s who of who cares, almost all of the non title bookings were based on random backstage goings on. This included the real life reconciliation between Dusty and Dustin Rhodes.

    As opposed to the theatrical scripting of what Dusty and Dustin did in the WWF, where no one cared about the half skilled son of a fat wrestling legend (both of whom in terrible outfits), this random WCW throwaway angle perfectly encapsulated the relationship that the two truely had. The chemistry that the two had when Dusty gave his promo asking to be his son’s partner transcended the screen with the authenticity the American Dream’s ring work being channelled into the yearning of a father to rebuild a relationship to a son he hadn’t spoken to in a decade.

  2. QOTW: This is going to sound odd, but it has to be Bret Hart’s reaction to once again losing his opportunity to getting a title match at Wrestlemania 97, it’s the culmination to a year’s worth of frustration, and resentment that had been boiling to the surface since his loss at Wrestlemania 96. Plenty of wrestlers have done heel turns, but rarely does it feel so true to their actual feelings, at best a wrestling heel will sound like they are really good at selling tickets. Hitman has a reputation for sounding like some stiff ultra serious Canadian dad, but in 97 he really seems like someone who is indignant, bitter, and pissed off at the WWF, just rewatch his 97 heel run, it’s one of the best parts of that year in wrestling (which was a fantastic year for wrestling imo). If your curious to see the promo for yourself skip to 00:46

  3. I’m going to have to go with CM Punk’s pipe bomb promo in 2011. CM Punk is known to speak his mind for better or worse and this time it was for the better. It was moment that no wrestling fan has seen before or since. To me it was the start of the internet wrestling community getting their way.Too bad it’s now resulted in the internet basically turning on the product. It’s time for Vince to retire and Kevin Dunn to be fired.

  4. The Wrestling Oscar Award winners are;
    Best Actor in a Leading Role – Shawn Micheals in Wrestlmania 12 vs Bret Hart
    Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Goldust in his tag team role with Booker T.
    Best Actress in a Leading Role – Bayley for her role in the NXT Women’s Title match against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn
    Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Sasha Banks for her ability to help put over Bayley in the NXT Women’s Title match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn
    Best Costumer Design- Randy Savage
    Best Director – Vince McMahon in his role in the 2005 Royal Rumble
    Best FIlm Editing – WWE Crew in remove all the botches from the replays and making stuff look good when at times it was not.
    Best Foreign Language Film – NJPW
    Best Original Song – Wrestle Rock Rumble
    Best Original Story – Daniel Bryan’s journey to winning the titles at Mania 30
    Best Makeup – Finn Balor
    Best Sound Editing – Kai En Tai
    Best Visual Effect – Randy Savage Wrestlemania 3 promo.
    Live Action Short Film – Neville package for the Red Arrow.

  5. I think the Oscar winning performance begins and ends with Cactus Jack’s “Cane Dewey” promo. It still sends chills through me.

  6. Booker T calling Hulk Hogan the N word is at least worthy of a Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Comedy or Musical.

    However, trying not to give TOO obvious an answer, I do love Mick Foley’s celebration after he won the title from the Rock on Raw. “BIG DADDIE-O DID IT!”

    Also, Seth’s celebration after beating Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania last year is my favorite modern wrestling moment. He does a little dance afterwards that is adorable and the swings the title around.

  7. William Regal’s Promo before his last match is perfect: He is going to fight Cesaro but he cuts a promo that sums up his whole career, warts and all and makes the match feel like the culmination of something important. He shows fantastic range, builds the stakes and puts over his opponent. on top of all that the match follows the theme of his promo: a man facing his mortality by wrestling the younger stronger version of himself

    1. @James: it’s Nathan Jones’ WWE theme. I’d never heard it either, but it felt appropriate with the first segment’s topic.

  8. I don’t know about Oscar winning performances, but I’d gladly give an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight to Stone Cold vs Booker T in a grocery store. It’s still one of the most memorable segments in WWE history.

  9. I would give it to my boy Jay Lethal (One of the best wrestler in the world right now as reigning ROH champ) for his TNA promo with Ric Flair where he impersonated The Nature Boy. and later had the WOO off. It is one of the few greatest TNA moment to come out of the Hogan era. It showed how talented Lethal was not just in the ring but on the mic and impersonations. It was too perfect. – The introduction – The amazing Woo off.

  10. Well, if we’re going for acting. July 6, 1998. When DX made fun of the Nation of Domination on Raw. The Crock, Mizark Henry, B-Lo, the “yahoo dressed up as Owen Hart” (Jason Sensation), Billy Gunn in almost black body (not just black face) as The Godfather.

    You hear JR and King laughing. You believe the boys in the back are laughing. They would do the Corporation later, then Vince and Shane years later. But that one skit is one of my favorite moments in my 20+ years watching wrestling.

    Also, that happened in Raw. On Nitro, Goldberg beats Hogan in Atlanta for the title. Two moments in wrestling history, same night.

  11. I’m more of an attitude era guy, but I’m gonna recommend something a little before that, but involving a familiar face. Steve Austin’s debut promo for the ECW. It’s incredible the passion you can see in his eyes, and the anger for the system that jerked him around in WCW. Look it up people. It’s awesome.

  12. If we are speaking truly good acting I have to give it to the Mark Henry’s fake retirement speech. It was totally unexpected and Henry sells it like an Oscar winner. I legitimately got misty when it happened. It was one of the greatest hook, line, and sinker moments I’ve ever witnessed. Bonus points for pulling off a Pepto Bismol pink sport coat.

    1. I looked this up recently because someone mentioned it in relation to Daniel Bryan retiring. It was very good and I was just about to mention it.

  13. Qotw: I know there are many obvious choices for this question, but im gonna go with the rhodes family from battleground 2013 just before their match with the shield. It was an incredible segment and seeing the legendary Dusty Rhodes standing with his sons talking so passionately about family was something ill never forget.

  14. Two great promos came to mind when you talked about great acting of the WWE. Mark Henry’s fake retirement was the best work he’s done. I didn’t know he had it in him.

    Then there’s Jake the Snake’s promo from This Tuesday in Texas. I have goosebumps every time I watch it. Watch at 13:40

    Macho’s promo before the match was pretty crappy but after the match he does an awesome job. Watch at 31:20


    Ric Flair’s post Rumble win promo at 1992 is easily one of the greatest promos of all time. With a little help from The Brain and Mr Perfect, Flair, who had been parading about the NWA world championship belt ON WWF in the months prior to the rumble was an incredible sight, and after he wins, Flair puts over the Fed and the WWF in such a huge way considering it was at a time where they had competition. Flair, who was a megastar says that the WWF belt is the only marker of greatness and nothing else matters. That and Flair just coming off the Ironman spot in the rumble shows anyone who now sees him as an old man walking his daughter out to the ring why he is one of the GOATs.

    Oh and “put that cigarette out” elevates the promo to its rightful place in history.

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