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Are you ready to point and laugh at another stab at vehicular-combat-meets-Twilight-Zone-finales? Too bad! The Mighty Calypso doesn’t care if you’re under prepared…

Ending Theater. You folks like that name? Just something we’re flirting with, since, wouldn’t you know it, this is the third jagged-ass PS1 game we’ve recorded live commentary for each every one of its multiple endings! Yup, it’s been a while since we gave Twisted Metal 2 the business, however, a little less long since we did it with Street Fighter EX. As you probably could’ve probably guessed, Twisted Metal 3 was the next logical step.

twisted metal 3 title laser time

That dopey gif should provide¬†a lovely tease as to what’s in store. Twisted Metal 3’s endings are still hilariously cheap and crude, but this time around they’ve graduated from motion comic cinematics to… um, 3D motion comic cinematics.¬†Seriously, it’s almost lip synced! More importantly, Calypso’s back with his special brand of demented monkey’s paw wish -grantery, but this time of the grammatical ambiguity is enhanced by the latest in 1998 CGI technology!

And in case you don’t remember, the developer A-team took a break from the series with Twisted Metal 3, making it one of the first of many beloved franchises Sony and 989 Studios drove into the ground with annual release tedium. What I’m saying is there’s a high probability you haven’t seen these. I was a huge Twisted Metal fan and I certainly hadn’t. But I have now, and you really should too. Please don’t make me beg, just watch the fucking video. I beg you to stop reading. Watch/Comment/Share and we might give out merit badges.

twisted metal 3 baby ending

And watch this again.

8 thoughts on “Twisted Metal 3 Endings – LT Ending Theater

  1. You guys definitely need to to Twisted Metal: Head-On and Twisted Metal 4 next. Head-On has proper motion comic endings that make sense most of the time and are fairly lengthy, while Twisted Metal 4 is basically TM3’s endings in terms of insanity but it at least animates them fully.

    Critical Depth is also another game with good “Monkey’s Paw” style endings but you’re going to have to explain each faction and character beforehand. Also Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 (made by the makers of TW1 and TW2) has the laziest endings you’ve ever seen, every single ending is the exact same except for one line changed. You could do it but you would have to do a preview of the character select screen to make any sense of them.

  2. I’m just going to be frank and say that these videos are my favorite thing you guys do. Each one is fantastic.

  3. And can we all agree that there is a 99% chance that the current election was caused by a disillusioned voter winning last year’s Twisted Metal?

    Oh you want politics to be more entertaining do you?

    Well now you will listen to pundits talk about Donald Trumps penis on a 24 hour news cycle!

    I am Calypso, and thank you for playing Twisted Metal!

  4. I’m not sure how this would be set up, but as a finale after you’re done with all the Twisted Metal endings take wishes from the comments or from each other and come up with the best monkey paw endings. Guessing dumb monkey paw twists is surprisingly exciting!

  5. Ah, more fantastic CGI turds to reward you for what was likely a tough and not-that-great game. I also encourage this to be an increasingly regular feature. Might I encourage looking at the endings for the Tekken series as possible material?

  6. I love these videos because my only exposure to Twisted metal is TM: Black and Calypso is all but mute in that game. He also looks completely different, kind of a cross between Bruce Willis and Arseface from Preacher.

  7. This is the greatest thing ever.

    I urge you guys to do a commentary on the European version of Twisted Metal Black , it can just be 20 minutes of talking over a black screen because Sony removed every single cutscene from the game before it was released in the region.

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