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For nearly 10 years a barrage of superheroes adorned my desk at Future and Capcom. While these action figures ranged from the 80s Secret War line all the way to modern movie tie-ins, most of them came from the 2000s “Marvel Legends” line. This line was known for its detail, articulation and high price point, but damn were they nice!

Since leaving Capcom, however, I am without a desk. I had to jettison most of these figures, sending them to loving homes instead of my Toy Story-like purgatory. However, before abandoning them, I took pics to share with everyone!

MR FANTASTIC (Marvel Legends)


In honor of 2015’s Fantastic Four (which I believe was based on some Denny’s sandwiches) winning a ton of Razzies, it seemed fitting to share three FF toys I no longer own. We start with their distant, rarely relatable leader, the modestly named Mr Fantastic!


So, I’ve posed him for maximum goofball effect but when he’s just standing there, holding his chin and pondering “what it all means,” he’s not a bad representation of Reed Richards at all. Problem is, can there ever really be a stretchy toy that captures his powers? Are we doomed to have either Stretch Armstrong, plug-in long versions of arms or, as in this case, an aging white man? Pass!


HUMAN TORCH (Marvel Legends)


Actually really liked this figure – great articulation, fun fiery accents on his limbs and two fists means he can punch other toys with wild abandon. This is quite important, you know, as plenty of toys have only one fist, or sometimes NO fists, which makes playing with them a real letdown. Apocalypse can’t smack people around, he’s gotta SLAM em!


My only criticism, if I’m reaching for one, is that he’s basically the same body/figure as prior Spider-Men, so he’s super limber and articulated. Not that Torch can’t be spry and agile, but he’s no Spidey. But then again, I appreciate having such a poseable toy… there was just no room in my heart left for this one.


THING (Marvel Legends)


Something of a monkey’s paw Thing toy. On one hand, he’s huge, hefty and a spot-on representation of all things “Thing.” On the other hand, his, uh, hands. They’re bendy wire things that can’t make a closed fist so he’s either slapping people or making a weird, bent-fingy pose.


He’s not the first Thing figure to have huge cavities in his back, but hoo boy they sure stand out on this one. I don’t mind all that much since they allow for greater arm/hand movement, but uh, he can’t clobber people with those gumby hands so what’s the point? He’s destined to just stand there and look sorta-tough. Good news though – Henry has this now!

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7 thoughts on “Talkin’ Toys – Fantastic Four Marvel Legends

  1. Wow, Invisible Woman’s figure is so accurate that she doesn’t even exist! Also, bonus points to Hedorah in the background.

  2. I like seeing old toys Brett, hope you keep showing us cool stuff like these.

    On the other hand this is making me think of when I decide to get rid of most all of the amiibos I have bought to this point, ugh. Thanks a lot buddy!

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