Laser Time – YOUR Pre-Shame Songs


What’s a song you hate to love that was made BEFORE you were born? Last Time we showed you all of our guilty musical pleasures, now its your shame songs’ turn in the barrel! The only criteria here is that they must’ve been made before you were…


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24 thoughts on “Laser Time – YOUR Pre-Shame Songs

  1. Last movie i saw in a drive in was Harry Potter 8 pt 1

    I have seen over 50 movies at the drive in, still a few open on the east coast.


    Love shame songs

    The first of many Pre-shame songs i thought of was Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker

  2. “I don’t think it’s racist, but I guess it is…” — reaction to a song telling the horrors of the Trail of Tears and the killing of culture.

    So quick to be offended.

  3. just as i was thinking there should be a new shame songs episode, absolute perfect timing guys. always loved these and felt honored to be apart of it.

  4. best episodes, always. we all experienced this horrible shit together, besides the 2000’s kids. they can suck a lemon.

  5. no way you didn’t include Float On by The Floaters. just let me know how to get that song on Laser Time and I’ll work towards it.

  6. 1. This is the closest thing I have to a favorite country song:
    It’s a parody from Powerman 5000, most popularly known for their sci-fi rock in the late 90’s.

    2. The last movie I saw in a drive-in was a Shaun the Sheep/Ant Man double feature. Still haven’t actually seen either of those movies.

  7. I might be the only one that actually downloads the podcast, manually adds the MP3 to iTunes, then drops it onto my old-ass iPod Classic, but does the file name seem wrong to anyone else? This should be episode 216 but it comes up as 224. Am I going insane and/or slipping through time? Or is it just a mistake?

  8. If you’re only familiar with WWII propaganda and haven’t seen or heard any from the Great War, I think it will shock you even more. It’s VICIOUS. Just look up any movie released from around the time America entered the war, especially ones with Erich Von Stroheim in it.

    1. Sorry – forgot to add – there’s one movie with Von Stroheim in it where he throws an infant out a third story window and then rapes the baby’s mother. I’m not kidding.

  9. The Buggles might have only had one real hit, but Trevor Horn (the one with the glasses) pretty much dominated the 80s with his production work. He’s responsible for tracks like “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Malcolm McLaren’s “Duck Rock” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes.

    There’s a great video interview with him on the Red Bull Music Academy website, if that kind of thing appeals to you.

  10. I consider Chris Montez Let’s Dance less like 50’s sock-hop, and closer to the Kinks and even the Ramones.. it’s basically 60’s proto punk!
    BTW Suzi Quattro was Leather Tuscadero on Happy days!
    Never be afraid to play what you want at a party. If people don’t like it, f*ck ’em!

  11. I got to grow u in Podunk nowhere with a drive-in theater as well, except that instead of ‘Aliens’ I was feed a steady stream of hot garbage at that shithole. The best movie I ever got to watch there was frickin ‘Superman Returns’.

    P.S. You forgot that we made a 30-strong forum topic on this when the original episode came out

  12. It was cool that they used my story on the episode.

    Drive-Ins are still around here in Indiana but stupid daylight savings is putting a damper on them. I love to support them because they are still very cool and the cheapest way to see a movie. The second Pirates of the Caribbean movie was the last movie I saw in one but I’m going to be sure to watch one this year. I just got an awesome ’67 Jeepster and it should be great to take the top off and watch a movie under the stars.

  13. Chris Montez’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is basically the 60s version of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah so I’m down

  14. I have a lot of “pre-shame” songs I love. I wish I could have contributed before hand but I’m not sure how to. I love it when the gang talk about this sort of topic because I’ve been so behind the times music wise I’ve never known what was popular. Growing up all I listened to was my parent’s music; my 7th birthday having a ZZ Top theme and the home video of my birth with Highway Star playing on the radio. Pretty much anything made in between 1960 and 1990 has always been my thing and boy, there is a lot of shame-fuelled songs in those three decades.

  15. “Glad you like pee in your mouth, Dave.”

    God damn I laughed so hard at this. Chris is on fire during shame song episodes.

    Also I pictured Hal-9000 saying it just now after typing it and laughed again.

  16. So, Chris is just pulling shame songs from the comments section at this point?
    I remember sharing a pre shame song in the forum response a while back, but i guess no one will ever see it… 🙁


    Hey Laser Time, I just stumbled upon your website after streetpassing with Andy yesterday. I thought that was pretty cool, and I will surely be checking out more of your content. That being said here is my input on this podcast’s topic.

    All the Pieces by Oingo Boingo is a song that I cannot help but love all the way through. I think it’s a really catchy song, and from my knowledge, it predates my birth by 4 or 5 years. I didn’t stumble upon it until I was in my early twenties. Keep up the good work, and I’d like to hear your opinions if you have any.


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