WOO-HOO! We have visual confirmation of Disney’s all-new DuckTales


Scrooge, the boys, the girl, and OH SNAP! even Donald look to be along for the ride!

Still not a whole lot to report on the 2017 DuckTales reboot Disney announced almost a year ago, but today Disney tweeted a picture of what the show will look like seemingly out of nowhere. This is a reboot that’s fine with me, especially when it looks this wonderful:


Yeah, the show itself is still over a year away, and of course, will premiere on a channel cord-cutters like myself no longer have (Disney XD) but I’m still stupid excited to see these goddamn ducks infiltrate the hearts and minds of yet another new generation. In case you couldn’t tell, the art style is clearly taking a minimalist approach similar to the Mickey Mouse shorts from a few years ago. And while many Disney sticklers continue to moan and groan over that continued look, those mini-Mickey cartoons were a helluva lot closer to the comedic spirit and slapstick tone of the original cartoons that birthed him.

More importantly for the old folks out there is the inclusion of Donald here. According to legend, Donald was benched from the original 1987 show over concerns kids wouldn’t be able to understand what he was saying (mind you, the nephews sounded exactly the same as Donald in a pre-DuckTales world, however, they apparently weren’t considered sacrosanct enough not to alter.) I personally think that’s part of his charm, and Donald’s better off speaking through facial expressions and unbridled rage any way. As long as that special brand of put-upon anger is there in Donald, I’ll be a happy guy.


Furthermore, Donald’s black costume sends shivers down my duck-lovin’ spine. That’s a nod to the original Carl Barks comics, from the pages of which also sprung Huey, Dewey, Louie, Scrooge, Gyro… basically everybody except Launchpad McQuack and Webby, who I’m also happy to see along for the ride (cartoon chicks in bows basically formed my childhood sexuality). Speaking as a guy who has no problem devoting an entire show to cartoon ducks, this couldn’t be more splendid from the look of it. But who cares what I think?! Go show your kids DuckTales and listen to what they think.






5 thoughts on “WOO-HOO! We have visual confirmation of Disney’s all-new DuckTales

  1. If the image is truly indicative of the show, The fact that its 2D is more than I expected. The comic-style background is beautiful, too.

    1. Oh, I had no doubt it’d be 2D. They wouldnt dare pull off a comedy on their relatively small cable channel with CG. That’s the kind of illusionary gravitas reserved for only action-oriented stuff meant to illustrate battle sequences between 15 minutes of static dialog and properties owned by Dreamworks. Why is writing this making me so bitter?!

  2. X3
    I can not express how EXCITED I am to see this news. I forgot this was a thing that was going to happen. I’m loving the minimalist style, it looks fun and it’s easy to animate so they’ll be able to crank out some episodes, but it’s also really cartoony and I can get behind that 100%. the style is less perfect and studio sculpted as their movies and even the shows to some degree. it’s more like you would see from one of the animators just shooting off a few quick sketches of the characters, it’s kinetic is has life. I’m excited for Donald to be in this too! I love that he’s not always easy to understand, even to his relatives sometimes. haha. dude, this series is going to be SO GOOD. I wonder if they’ll retell all the old Carl Barks stories?

  3. Love how excited you are for this Chris. My 2 and a half year old daughter helped me discover those Mickey shorts and they are fantastic. A shitload better than that damn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! If this Ducktales can be anything like those or even capture the spirit of the original I cant wait to check it out!

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