Talking Simpsons – Three Men And A Comic Book


The nerds have a real chance to shine this week, as Bart and Lisa head to their first comic convention and Comic Book Guy enters folklore/mythology…



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5 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Three Men And A Comic Book

  1. I had this on an official simpsons vhs tape that held a whopping two episodes. They were this and Blood Feud. I hope I still have it lying around somewhere because I wonder how often fox distributed simpsons episodes to vhs.

  2. I loveee this episode. Bart feels so on point in this episode it’s insane, even just looking at small things like Marge telling him a story about working for her sister’s and Bart commenting that he appreciates it but doesn’t want to force her to get a job.
    Damn though, I’d love to get a classic #1 issue for a mere $100.

  3. I remember reading a letters column in an issue of a Bongo comic, might have been a Radioactive Man issue, where a letter writer asks how a classic #1 can be worth only $100. The response was something along the line of how there was a coupon cut out of a page in the issue somewhere and there was some other stuff that brought down the condition.

  4. For some reason I was also unable to find this episode on the iTunes feed. Great podcast by the way. Keep them coming. We’ll keep listening.

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