Cape Crisis #179 – The Punisher Has A History


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave take a look at Frank Castle’s War Journal, as well as CNN referencing X-Men enemies, a new segment, and your QOTW replies…


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Cape Crisis #179 Question: What movie/tv series would you continue in comic book form?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #179 – The Punisher Has A History

  1. Looking forward to how the Punisher will turn out in the Netflix series regarding Daredevil. I have a fondness for the guy as he intrigues me.

    As for a question for Ask Hank:
    What was the first comic book you ever read that got you into comics in the first place?

    Too obvious? Well, I’m just naturally curious.

  2. Thanks for another great podcast – but I could not find the Amazon / Comixology recommendation for the Jason Aron (?) Punisher run in the show description, could anyone please help out?

    1. Opening the site on mobile – mfw. Found it but didn’t use any adblocking on the computer but on the iPhone…

  3. Ask Hank: If Red Skull was real and held you hostage, threatening to decimate 90% of the population of Earth except for you and his weird Nazi brethren and the only way you could stop him would be to give him a blowjob, would you do it and COULD you do it, knowing what an awful person he is AND that his dick probably looks as bad if not worse than his face?

  4. Just wondering about the Comixology / Amazon referral by Jason Aron (?) as I could not find it in the show notes: can someone please point me in the right direction?

  5. ASK HANK: who is your favourite comic book villain? Or, time permitting, favourite DC villain and favourite Marvel villain? Why?

  6. Ask hank: *Seinfeld voice* so whats the deal with the clone saga?
    Would love to hear a spotlight on it, i dont remember it being covered in the spiderman ep. I’ve always liked scarlet spiders getup

  7. QoTW: I would like The Big Bang Theory to exist as a 7 issue arc in which one main character dies at the end of each issue until none of them exist any more.

  8. Ask Hank: I might just be a sucker for police procedurals and batman but I really like Gotham. What is it about the show you don’t like?

  9. Ask Hank: Explain to me comic book collecting. Whats valuable? What isn’t? How has the collectors market changed over the years? stuff like that.

    QoTW: Generation X tv movie continued. I don’t know if the movie “Dope” reflects an actual thing of high school kids being obsessed with 90’s stuff but this would be the comic for them ! Hootie and the Blowfish references everywhere!

  10. Great look at the Punisher this week guys.

    QotW: Once they end Gotham they can springboard that into more Gotham Central!

    Ask Hank: Why am I so fat?

  11. ASK HANK: Has there ever been an artist or writer that you were really looking forward to meet at a con but were disappointed to find out that they were just a real asshole?

  12. Ask Hank: What was the deal with Superman Red and Blue? I have always been confused by Superman becoming living energy and then splitting into two people. This stands out as one of the weirdest things I can remember seeing in comics for some reason.

  13. RE: The Punisher 89

    So, my girlfriend isn’t the kind of person to swoon over guys she finds attractive. Sure, she might make a passing comment here or there about how handsome someone is, and like many women in their mid-forties, she thinks Hugh Jackman and Colin Firth are perfectly dreaming, but that’s as far as it goes. She doesn’t drool over anyone or get remotely hot and bothered and freak out at the sight of good looking guys.

    And then we watched The Punisher, where, much to my surprise, she pointed out not once, not twice, but three different times just how good Dolph Lundgren looked with dark hair. Never have I seen her get so smitten about an actor like that. Not Ryan Reynolds – not George Clooney, but fucking Dolph Lundgren in The Punisher? Well, there you go.

  14. ASK HANK: If the Marvel Cinematic Universe started being made in the 90’s, who would you have cast for Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk (Let’s throw Black Widow in there too for diversity sake)?

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