Highlander, Fargo and Battlestar Galactica – Mar 4-10


Christopher Lambert discovers there can NOT be only one Highlander film, while Fargo captivates audiences in 1996 cinemas. This same week in 2006, Battlestar ends its notable second season and Crash becomes the worst modern Best Picture winner!

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17 thoughts on “Highlander, Fargo and Battlestar Galactica – Mar 4-10

  1. Fargo was the first Coen brothers’ film that I saw, and I became a lifelong fan of them afterwards. With a few exceptions, I’ve managed to track down and watch pretty much all of their stuff.

  2. I never finished the first season of Battlestar, I just got sick of it so fast because it was like who is a Cylon and Gaius being very obvious in his actions and everyone just being blind to it. To each his own though. Keep up this show, so good and fun.

  3. So bummed we recorded too early for me to give George Martin a shout-out in the Classic Corner. Another reason for everyone to go listen to “Rubber Soul” – we lost the fifth Beatles this week!

  4. As Laser Time’s resident Minnesotan, most people here have a begrudging respect for Fargo. Everyone thinks the movie itself is great but hate that its EVERYONE’S point of reference for MN. I also love that it’s a ‘small town’ movie that’s not about glamorizing country life.
    Also Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is AMAZING and was one of my top 10 movies from last year. It takes a lot from the Coen’s in tone and pacing and makes the “happiest place in the world” seem terrifying and isolated.

  5. Come on, guys. You spend half your airtime fawning over super hero movies. You’re not film snobs. You’re just as mainstream as the rest of us slobs. 🙂

  6. So about that Kumiko movie you mentioned in relation to Fargo: I haven’t seen it, but I know of it, since it was produced and written, in part, by Nathan Zellner, a former employee of Rooster Teeth.

  7. Not sure what Henry means about Budokai games going away.

    They basically became the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games.

  8. Pedantic correction of the week: The track that brought in the ’90s section is the Pump Panel remix of “Confusion” by New Order. The Voodoo & Serrano track is similarly packed full of distorted-303s but it didn’t come out until a few years after Blade was released.

    The track has been sampled and resampled over time though, somewhat notably in “Operation Blade” by Public Domain, which hit #5 in the charts over here in 2000.

  9. It was mentioned in another podcast how this show gives you great conversation starters, I just wanted to add how true that is from personal experience.

    A few weeks ago when “How Will I Know” was released and you commented on it, I went and got my hair cut just after you dropped that nugget of info. As I’m sitting there, getting trimmed, and as always dreading the awkward “barbershop” small talk, “How Will I Know” came on over the speaker, and I got to say, “How funny, this song came out 30 years ago this week.” Turns out it wasn’t the radio playing the song, but the girl cutting my hair’s personal playlist. So she was quite impressed over my knowledge of Whitney Houston.

    Of course the downside to this, is she then thought I was a Whitney Houston superfan and I just had to nod and smile and say, “oh yeah totally” when she started talking about her other favorite songs.

  10. Please, will some one learn how to pronounce “Kyrie?” It’s not two syllables as in “Kye-ree” as you are pronouncing it. It’s three syllables as in “Kee-ree-yay.” Just something that’s been bugging me for two straight weeks now.

    And does Henry know that TJ Miller has stolen his voice? Are the two of them ever seen together?

    I was in high school in 1986, so I love the memories your show generates. Keep up the good work.

  11. Christ, that GRAVITY KILLS track was frigging awful! I enjoyed hearing everyone groan right before Brett said “I love this album!”

  12. You talked about Blockbuster not making their own content ala Netflix to draw people to come to their stores, but Blockbuster indeed did have exclusive games, a bunch of them. Among the titles

    NES: Flintstones 2: Surprise At Dinosaur Peak
    SNES: Hagane: The Final Conflict
    SNES: Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs
    N64: Razor Freestyle Scooter
    N64: Stunt Racer 64
    N64: Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine
    N64: Beast Wars: Transmetals
    N64: Clay Fighter: Sculptor’s Cut
    PSX: Eggs of Steel: Charlie’s Eggcellent Adventure
    XBX: Outlaw Volleyball: Red Hot
    PS2: Freestyle Street Soccer

    As you can see, they most likely were titles that had no chance of making their money back and were probably scooped up for publishing rights on the cheap by Blockbuster.

  13. Great show! While I could put this comment on any of the lasertime shows of late I feel it’s especially true here. You guys have been on a roll of late with awesome episodes. Keep up the good work!

  14. I see that the previous week was missed, but surprised discussion of Civilization II was not brought up.

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