Laser Time Breaks Down The Civil War Trailer In New Video


Watch along with your favorite nerds for some extra insight into this crazy new trailer…

As someone who produces a weekly comic book podcast, I’m usually perturbed when something really cool happens AFTER I post an episode of Cape Crisis. And that’s what happened with the Spider-Man-filled trailer for Civil War. Sure, we have a post on the site, but that’s not the same as a live reaction. That’s why we decided to convene for a special reactions video!

Here’s the original trailer by itself in case you need it without our commentary for some reason.

Did we catch a few things you missed? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

(Also, have you listened to our Civil War Primer podcast?¬†And if you’re looking to learn about Civil War, why not buy some of the comics in the links below?)










9 thoughts on “Laser Time Breaks Down The Civil War Trailer In New Video

    1. oh. i commented before i watched y’alls reaction video. I only watched the trailer under it. heh. maybe they’ll have him switch sides then. hopefully.

  1. Hmmm… does this Spider-Man look a little too cg? It’s kinda hard to tell. Could someone explain to me all the amazing spider-man 2 hate, I know it’s not a masterpiece or anything and the ending was kinda crappy but I thought overall it was an ok summer flick. Really excited for this movie though, can’t wait!

    1. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is garbage. G.A.R.B.A.G.E.

      It was a slave to Sony’s plans of trying to mimic what Marvel was doing with ONE character, who, let’s face it, doesn’t have enough of a supporting cast to support solo movies. They crammed SO MUCH into it thinking that it would make a billion dollars and would make more movies that they forgot to make a good Spider-Man movie. Sure, the costume looks great, but Electro was a joke, they showed the LAST SCENE of the movie in the trailer, and they fucked up the order of the Goblins.

      And speaking of the Goblin, they ruined the Green Goblin by killing Norman off before he even meets Spider-man. Sorry, but Norman has to be the Green Goblin before Harry. Hell, Harry’s motivation for being the Green Goblin is because he discovers his dad was the Goblin and that he believes Spider-Man did it. ASM2 took what should be an awesome motivation (my dad never thought I amounted to anything so now I’ll take up his mantle and avenge him) and made it into “hey, give me your blood or I’ll kill you”.

      It’s like having a Batman movie with the Joker and Harley Quinn in it, and you kill the Joker BEFORE HE EVER MEETS BATMAN, and then have Harley Quinn do all of the iconic Joker stuff.

      PLUS they’ve now tainted the death Gwen Stacy with their shitty movie.

  2. I like videos like this and I wish you’d do more trailer breakdowns. I always enjoy the MCU discussions on Cape Crisis, but this is great to see your reactions to the new footage right away.

  3. His eyes just shrink. How does that mask work?

    Also the shot of them running towards each other in a plane hangar looked weak as hell. You’ve seen comics. You’ve seen the compositions people come up with for a rumble. Did you really think a wide shot where each person gets an inch of screen space was a cool look?
    Why would Hawkeye be running towards ANYONE!? Is this scene a football game??

  4. definitely do these more guys, just maybe have the trailer as the main video and have you guys in the corner like you do with the rest of videos, it’s just kinda easier to see everything.

  5. I agree with the comment about them not being the cause of the destruction, but the ones trying to stop it. And General Ross is sure one to talk about responsibility, considering all the destruction he was essentially responsible for in The Incredible Hulk.

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