New Civil War Trailer Is Both Amazing And Spectacular


If you aren’t now sufficiently hyped for Civil War, I just don’t know what to tell you…

UPDATE: Check out our LIVE reactions trailer, complete with scene-by-scene breakdown and comic page comparisons! Official trailer below.

*Deep breath* Sorry, I’m just getting over hyperventilating over this trailer. The footage of Civil War last November., as was the Super Bowl trailer. But ALL of that has been erased from my mind by this new trailer. More specifically, the last 10 seconds of the new trailer. If you happened to live in Berkeley, CA, you likely heard a high-pitched shriek when I saw this…

In case you need a reminder of why I freaked out, HERE!!!!!!!


Some thought they’d save it for theaters, but that’d probably just have been leaked-anyway. But no, with a Thwip and quip, Spider-Man has arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His costume looks great, and he’s got classic smaller eyes, though with the expressiveness of Erik Larsen or Todd McFarlane’s interpretation.

Who knows how much more we’ll see of Spidey, but knowing he’s on Tony’s side (at least for the moment) means I’m firmly on Team Iron Man too.

I guess some other stuff happened before Tony said “Underroos,” so we may as well talk about it. The trailer has a real sense of history, taking into account every previous disaster in MCU history, and making the argument for registration make a lot of sense (see I’m already on Tony’s side).


Black Panther looked hella cool. And Also bulletproof?


Not to mention any old school Avengers fan will love to see a scene between Vision and Scarlet Witch.


But seriously, who can focus on any of that when Spider-FUCKING-Man has made his arrival in the MCU? If you’re feeling the same, squint your eyes and tell us all about it in the comments!

SpideySquint(Also, have you listened to our Civil War Primer podcast? And if you’re looking to learn about Civil War, why not buy some of the comics in the links below?)










24 thoughts on “New Civil War Trailer Is Both Amazing And Spectacular

  1. As of right now, I am not digging the eye squint, but other than that, I’m totally on board. I loved that after the trailer, I can see the validity of both sides, and I thought the way Stark called Spider-Man Underroos was awesome!

  2. I too, let out a high pitched “WHHHHHAAATTTT?????” when Spidey emerged. I honestly thought they’d keep him a secret until the movie came out, or at most, he’d be the after credit scene. But knowing he’s taking part in that fight? Good lord.

    I just bought my tickets for the Thursday night screening. I’m in. Not that I wasn’t before, but now? My god, give it to me now.

  3. Instant goosebumps. I was initially hesitant about their casting choice but the voice seems to fit well. I know one of the major cruxes of Civil War was his public unmasking, but since that isn’t the big issue in this interpretation, it will be very interesting to see what they do with him. Also, that Ant-Man scene looks off the fucking chain.

  4. SO PUMPED!!! Spidey and Star Wars both get out of movie jail within 6 months of each other? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Looking forward to the scene where Tony explains why it was worth millions of dollars in R&D to get more emotive eye holes on the Spidey mask. “We also added chevrons to his sleeves. That way kids will know which of their toys are out of date.”

  6. I was still hoping Marvel wouldn’t show this much of Spidey, I wanted to feel surprised seeing his debut in the cinematic universe while i’m in the cinema gawking at the screen.. I know that would never ever happen because of the marketing and the push to sell more Spidey figures. But still, I miss that surprise that we all got in the original iron-man with nick fury asking tony to join the avengers initiative. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

  7. The hype is unreal now. It’s early to decide, but that is easily going to be my favourite live action Spidey costume. THANK YOU MARVEL/ THE RUSSO BROTHERS. Also in general, the movie looks really good. It’ll be nice to give RDJ some real heavy material to work with again after AoU, and I’m absolutely excited to see everything come together. All the heroes look awesome in their new/ updated duds.

  8. I have to say that I was not looking forward to this movie at all until now.

    I am still not overly hyped. Age of Ultron disappointed me so much that it set the bar pretty low for Civil War.

    I will go in with low expectations and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Fantastic Spidey reveal! I’m saddened that I didn’t get to see it live in the theater, but there’s no way Marvel could have kept it from leaking, or just seeing the action figure, so it’s nice to be able to experience it with the giddiness the Cape Crisis community affords. And Black Panther looks nuts. Check out the way he leaps and lunges compared to, say, how Cap blasted through that office building in Winter Solider. So much character comes out in the subtlest ways in the MCU movies, it’s remarkable visual storytelling.

  10. That looks great and I really like the Spider Man costume. The movie looks good, but I am worried their might be too much going on and some parts will feels rushed.

    That said, Winter Soldier was my favorite non-Avengers MCU movie so far, so I will give the Russo’s the benefit of the doubt.

    Truthfully, I think Winter Soldier is a better movie, but I was waiting for the Avengers since I started reading comics in 1982 and it hit about every fanboy nerve with me. Kinda like The Force Awakens.

  11. I love Spidey so much! I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Alright, loved this trailer it didn’t seem too spoilery. Like what is Rhode’s deal? Will we see some pre airport fight Spidey? Is Bucky being framed? I love that is seems like we wont get a Spidey origin. I can see Spider-Man giving the whole Uncle Ben story to Stark or Rogers as a quick node and then bam! I love the Marvel Movies warts and all so I wasn’t not excited but man I’m counting the days now.

  12. I was so sure that they’d hold off on showing Spidey until you were sitting in the theatre. Good thing I didn’t bet any money on that! Regardless of Spider-Man’s inclusion I’m still #TeamCap. I’m pretty sick of Iron Man getting to be the MCU’s main character time and time again so no amount of spider-based heroes are gonna sway me from Cap’s side.

  13. Not gonna lie, I also screamed the same way Ned Flanders did when he saw purple drapes. I wish they would sat on the Spidey reveal until the actual movie. I would of loved to of been in a cinema that erupted in the same Ned Flanders scream when he showed up. It’s gonna take some time getting used to the costume considering i’m used to the eyes been visor like in the previous films. I’m excited never the less. Welcome to the MCU Spidey!

  14. The new trailer was great, but the Spidey reveal was totally ruined by fucking IGN!!! I saw Henry’s tweet about the trailer, and immediately went to YouTube to check it out, only to see that IGN had used Spider-Man as the thumbnail image. What in the actual fuck? Did they not think a new Civil War trailer wouldn’t get enough traffic for them? It may seem minor, but it bothers me so much.

  15. I liked the dead pan voice Spidey had. Also it’s great to see not only more Blank Panther in action but Ant Man involved to. Overall, this looks like the bigger phase event film than Weekend at Ultron’s.

  16. The Spidey costume is so… flat? With all the textures, pockets, armor plates, etc on everyone it’s strange seeing a flat spandex costume. I’m definitely interested in seeing more, but it’s looking pretty good.

    Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system.
    1.) Pretty sure that was The Raft. Is Marvel setting up Thunderbolts with Ross being in that trailer?
    2.)Glad to see Scarlet Witch man-handling (android-handling?) Vision.
    3.) Haweye shooting Ant Man was equal to Spidey showing up.

  18. Meh, if it wasn’t for Spidey this trailer was crap. It looks to be another Ultron upsell from the looks of the airport “fight”. If that’s the climax, that’s gotta be one of the cheapest looking sets in Marvel history. This year doesn’t look too promising for superhero flicks between this and that waiting abomination that’s Batman v Superman. Who would have thought Deadpool, although trying way too hard, would be the best superhero film of the year?

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