WWE Champions Looks Like Puzzle Fighter Meets Pro Wrestling


WWE has revealed its newest mobile game, WWE Champions, and it’s taken yet another strange direction for pro wrestling gaming on the go. Check out the first images and video of the game!

WWE games on consoles run like clockwork; every October, we’ll get a new WWE 2K game with a modern roster and new historical campaign. On portables, however, you never know which direction WWE will take. They’ve made a collectible card game (WWE Supercard), a mobile port of the console franchise (WWE 2K), and a Mortal Kombat-style brawler (WWE Immortals). Up next, a puzzle game where your jewel sliding plays out in the form of punches, kicks, clotheslines, and bodyslams.

Already in release in certain test markets, WWE Champions seems like a modern version of Puzzle Fighter. Deformed characters fighting while you try to match gems is a formula worked before, and even if these super-bulky fighters don’t have the charm of Capcom’s chibi characters, WWE Champions has a fighting chance to be entertaining. Just check out the trailer where you can see stars like Kevin Owens, Sting, and Bray Wyatt bash heads while super-buff, courtesy DroidGamers:

If you’d rather see some of the characters more closely, there’s also a batch of promotional images that have been released recently, which you can see below. Beware, they’re all VERY LONG.

wwechamps-combo1 wwechamps-combo2

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2 thoughts on “WWE Champions Looks Like Puzzle Fighter Meets Pro Wrestling

  1. The models remind me of WWE All-Stars, a game I wish they would of continued because the bombastic arcade gameplay was great but the options/modes were limited, compared to the vast selection in the main 2K series.

  2. Is there an invisible character in the game? Because after it shows HHH on the character select I just seen an empty screen for a few seconds. I can’t see anyone there, is it just me?

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