Cheap Popcast #75 – Hogan’s Craziest Stories, Zayn’s Insane Week, & Hall of Fame Swag


Dave, Hank, and Brett relive Hulk Hogan’s weirdest in-ring moments in light of his current trial, recap Sami Zayn’s big moves on Raw and NXT, and then reveal what they’d want to see at a real WWE Hall of Fame.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If WWE ever establishes a physical Hall of Fame, what item would you most want to see on display there?

11 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #75 – Hogan’s Craziest Stories, Zayn’s Insane Week, & Hall of Fame Swag

  1. A display of all of the belts from WWE, WCW, ECW, and NXT with all of the little variants that aren’t a change in name plates. It would be a cool acknowledgement of the companies that ended up making up WWE and the best from each.

  2. Chris Benoit, but since that won’t happen, how about a Hell in the Cell with large cushions around it that you can jump off to get a feeling of what Foley’s legendary bump was like.

  3. Either the Zamboni or the Beer Truck Austin rode in on during his many romps in the Attitude Era. They could turn it into a sponsorship deal and add a beer garden along with the restaurant.

    1. The lie detector test and the Mr. America storyline is one of the best things from Ruthless Aggression Era Smackdown. It was all story and was executed flawlessly. If anything, I’d call it one of Hogan’s (and Vince’s) best moments of the early 2000s.

  4. The Smackdown fist. If that’s too big, one of the ring carts from Wrestlemania III/VI. Since they started doing stadium shows for Wrestlemania again, I’ve always been a little disappointed that those never made another appearance.

  5. An area where you can ride around in one of those tiny wrestling ring carts that took wrestlers to the ring in Wrestlemania 6. Always wanted a ride in one of those!!

  6. An audio guide with Keith “Nobodies Fourth Ghostbuster” David. One of my favourite things is audio tour guides with famous people narrating them and having the smooth voice of Keith David in my ears while I look at iconic moments in wrestling history. Man that would be awesome.

  7. Since WWE owns ECW that memorabilia is fair game, so at the accompanying Hall of Fame restaurant you have to sign the check with Brian Pillman’s giant pencil.

  8. I would like to see the Mastadon helmet/shoulder pad apparatus that Vader wore in his WCW days. They could even set it up in the display to shoot steam every few minutes.

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