Learn All About The Punisher Before His Netflix Debut


He’s about to be shooting up a Netflix app near you, so what exactly is the deal with Frank Castle and his war journal?

He’s about to make his first ever appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we gave a close look at Frank Castle’s history in Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis. After trying to kill Spider-Man, starred in many different series, has had R-rated fun, and even fought Batman. See it all and more in this week’s Superhero Spotlight video!

And this is only the most recent installment in our exciting video companion series! Just check out our dissecting of the militaristic mutants, X-Force…

As well as our breakdown of Punisher’s occasional teammate, Deadpool…

Are you guys enjoying our newest video series? Anything we (I) could do better? Any heroes you want in the spotlight? Tell us all about it in the comments! Also, if you’re looking for continued reading on the subject of The Punisher…










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