Talking Simpsons – Blood Feud


In a loose, fun episode,Bart gives blood, a giant head is given, and a trip to the infirmary with most unexpected results – all in the final podcast of season 2!



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8 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Blood Feud

  1. I agree about how Batcave-like the Simpson’s basement can be.

    My favorite new fixture down there is that since the Futurama crossover, Bender often shows up down there. I believe Marge uses him as a safe.

  2. I hope You guys will bring up the simpsons magical basement again, it’s one of those magical portals in the simpsons universe where it’s a basement transforms into a closet whenever it feels like it.

  3. Homer imitating Mr Burns at the post office is one of my favourite things ever. Watching again for this episode, I must have watched that part like 10 times.

  4. Even crazier than Ixtapolapoquetl eventually ending up in the basement is the cut between the delivery men unloading it from a truck and it suddenly appearing in the living room.

  5. I remember back when my high school best friend first got an email he wanted it to be “Xt’” or something. Except we couldn’t figure out how to actually spell it. (I copied and pasted the name from the Simpsons Wikia.) Too bad I forgot about it until this Talking Simpsons episode. I would have had it as my Lasertime forum name. However, moops is just so much easier to spell.

  6. Hey lasertime crew just wanted to say thanks for doing talking simpsons its a great show and I quite enjoy listning to old simpsons with commetary by you guys. Looking forward to season 3 and eventuallly my fave season 6

  7. I’ve heard you guys mention that you will probably stop doing Talking Simpsons before you get to the “bad” seasons, but I think it would be great to hear you talking about and criticizing some bad episodes. What about maybe doing an occasional bonus episode going over famously bad episodes?

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