V for Vendetta, The Birdcage and Weird Al’s Bad Hair Day – Mar 11-17


This week 20 years ago, The Birdcage tops the 1996 box office while Weird Al’s latest album dominates CD sales and Dana Carvey breastfeeds a baby. In 2006, Hugo Weaving masters mask-mouthed alliteration and James Blunt tells the world it’s beautiful.

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25 thoughts on “V for Vendetta, The Birdcage and Weird Al’s Bad Hair Day – Mar 11-17

  1. I haven’t seen V for Vendetta in years, but I remember liking it quite a bit – even after having read the book. Hoping it still holds up.

  2. Watch Crossroads!! For the Guitar battles. Steve Vai vs art Cooder. 80s metal vs. blues. Fucking great. Good movie overall too. Writing this in car while driving just to express my love for this film.

  3. Guys do yourself a favor and go to amazon through the LaserTime links and buy the Dana Carvey Show DVD. I love this show and it is a very interesting view of the 90’s. The show holds no punches it even has jokes about Princess Diana before she died a year later and the DVD has no cuts.

  4. As a clarification for MGS3: Subsistence – among other things, it added the third person camera to the game that changes how it plays pretty radically (and would become the norm for the franchise).

  5. I always group together Thank You for Smoking as the same kind of movie as Super Size Me. I didn’t even know it wasn’t a documentary until this episode.

  6. It just occurred to me that what this show needs is an instrumental version of it’s theme song where the first section is done as a NES Mega Man style chip tune, the second section is an SNES Mega Man X style chip tune, and then the third section is just normal music.

  7. I’m afraid to revisit V for Vendetta, but the modern version would be Mr. Robot. Seriously, watch that show if you haven’t yet.

  8. I’m surprised after going over the Weird Al / Coolio feud that you didn’t mention the controversy over Weird Al’s parody of You’re Beautiful, You’re Pitiful. Apparently Blunt’s label didn’t approve of the song, so it didn’t end up on Al’s album, but Blunt himself liked it, so Al ended up releasing it online for free.

  9. I’m gonna have say you guys are wrong about James Blunt. His songs got better over time and he’s still pretty successful. You’re Beautiful is a shame song for me but everything else he has done isn’t.

  10. Chris twice last week poo-pooed there being too many “modern military shooters” but then when an actual unique game is there to talk about he just ignores it.

    The Outfit was a thoroughly average game boosted by the fact it had fun split-screen/online co-op and came out within the first six months of the Xbox’s life when there wasn’t much out like it. It’s look and atmosphere heavily resembled the cancelled Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 game which trailer came out a full six years later, a very cartoon-y and over-the-top but still very violent WW2 setting with Robert Patrick, Ron Perlman, and Terrence Carson voicing the three main characters. It’s gameplay can best be described as Mercenaries but with no larger open world, rather each mission took place in it’s own unique usually very colorful level with multiple objectives and you tended to have your choice of which one to tackle first. Like Mercenaries your could call in all sorts of different vehicles, airstrikes, and friendly NPC’s to help you out during missions and the environments were fairly destructible which made calling in a heavy tank and just rolling over enemy buildings and vehicles so much fun. Having replayed it a year ago it very much looks and feels like an Xbox 360 launch game but I still had a ton of fun in co-op. I wish it had a sequel that took place in an actual open-world though, would have been the actual Mercenaries 2 we so much wanted but not the crappy one EA shit out.

  11. Just wanted to say this is my favorite show on TLN. Brett coming on board was what convinced me to be a patron (patreoner?). Not that I hadn’t donated before but that was the push that made it a regular thing. Keep this shit up choo choo

  12. Hey Chris you couldn’t be more wrong about James Blunt. He has sold over 20 million albums and as Diana pointed out he served for years in the military. He was a captain in the British army and was part of the NATO force in Kosovo during the war. He’s famous for refusing to obey the orders of an American commander to attack Russian forces that had taken an airport which could’ve resulted in open war with Russia. The dude deserves serious respect.

    1. So James Blunt averted nuclear war and in turn the end of human civilization…huh… who would have thought that?

  13. I know I’m going to come of as a massive comic hipster, but I did not like V for Vendetta. I watched in the theater with a bunch of friends and I was the only one who didn’t like it. The scenes they added (like the Stephen Fry subplot) felt unnecessary and I hated how the government was monolithically evil. They weren’t good by any stretch in the comic, but they were much more rounded characters there. They were normal people maintaining a horrible system because the alternative was letting everything burn. Plus the kiss between Eve and V was the dumbest, but I’m willing to bet the Wachowskis had to put it in because of executive meddling.

    I haven’t watched the movie again since, but the clips you played made me cringe. It’s clear the dialogue lifted from the comic was never meant to be spoken aloud. Plus the V alliteration speech is the cheesiest thing and goes on way too long.

    And as for swapping out the Thatcher-era politics for post-9/11 conspiracy theories, well it never really clicked for me. I grew up in the Northern Virginia area so I remember that day almost more for the Pentagon attack then the WTC because so many of my classmates had a parents who worked there or were in the military. So a lot of the post-9/11 reactions in the media never really clicked with me since it focused on New York.

    NOTE: I’m not trying to say that the attack on the Pentagon was a bigger deal than the WTC. All of the acts of terror that day were tragic regardless of the scale. I just processed it differently because New York was hundreds of miles away and the Pentagon was in my backyard.

    So, uh, that got heavier than I meant it to. I think I’m going to go listen to Bad Hair Day a bit

  14. Being angry at V for Vendetta in some part because of how it (and the Guy Fawkes mask) has been coopted by assholes who may not underatand it is very similar to being angry at Islam because of terrorists/extremists/etc.

    Love the show regardless and have been listening for 8 years !

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