WWE’s Weird Theme Song Maker Returns With A Macho Man Tribute!


Laser Time’s favorite musician has made his return to the ring with one of our favorite all-time wrestler themes re-imagined to boot! You’re gonna love this new tune, ooh yeah!

It’s been quite awhile since our good friend (and singer of Thirty Twenty Ten‘s theme) Dotflist has graced us with another amazingly absurdist pro wrestler theme. He started with Stardust (which we loved), moved on to other top stars like John Cena and Sasha Banks (the latter of whom actually retweeted her reimagined tune). His last WWE tribute song was for Sheamus back in October, and it’s a weird one that’s more a fever dream wrestling match recreation than actual song (you should still totally check that one out). Some five months later, Dotflist has finally come back from his retirement match to make a song for one of the all-time greats; “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Check it out below!

It’s got all the elements of a great Dotflist wrestling video; good faux-voices for the wrestlers, a catchy tune, and a quick sound effect-filled fight to bring us out. It’s more than worth the wait, and hopefully we’ll see a few more songs before WrestleMania 32 next month. Hopefully he’ll stay injury free, unlike these 8 WWE stars who got injured right before WrestleMania!

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