Agents of SHIELD “The Inside Man” Review

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Familiar faces return! If you have not yet watched this week’s episode, turn back now!

With the end of last week’s show, it’s no surprise that Talbot showed up immediately. I was hesitant right off the bat with his role in the story, as his first scene was an extremely heavy handed setup of his current personal struggles. Thankfully, the episode made up for it by giving further explanation to not only Talbot’s wife, but also in giving him a meaningful role.

However, I did not see the Talbot twist coming at all (maybe I should have?). I was immediately cynical about it, as I’m tired of everyone being Hydra. But they very quickly told us otherwise, and gave Talbot solid motivations for his actions. The episode did a nice job of keeping you on your toes about the allegiances of the characters in that boardroom, having already played with expectations with Creel’s loyalties. If the ending is any indication, it looks like Coulson and Talbot will be on better terms from here on out.

Speaking of that boardroom scene, we got another confrontation between Coulson and Gideon — this time in person! While Gideon’s accusation was a little silly, it was nice to see them have a face-to-face so soon after their big phone call. Gideon’s plan for an Inhuman sanctuary/personal army breeding ground is certainly an interesting one (especially with international governments involved), but I hope that it’s markedly different from Season 2’s Afterlife, something it could all to easily become a clone of.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, ABC, show, review, MCU, season, The Inside Man

“Don’t just do the same thing again, man.”

The other returning face was Creel, a.k.a. the Absorbing Man. It feels like a long time since we’ve seen a super-powered individual that wasn’t an Inhuman, so it was awesome to have him back in the fold. What made it even better, and more surprising, is how he became such a core element of the story: Creel’s blood samples introduced the possibility of an Inhuman vaccine. While it’s impossible to worry about the Inhuman race with a feature film coming in 2019, it’s an interesting element for our team to struggle with.

The issue of an Inhuman vaccine was a hot debate among our local couple, Shake and Bake (a line that had me in tears — thank you, Hunter). This episode seemed to be the first time the show truly added some substance to Daisy and Lincoln. I believed them as a couple in this episode more than I ever had before. Personal moments between the two, and their struggle with the Inhuman vaccine, added some much needed depth to their dynamic.

Ward — I’m sorry, the weird ancient alien Inhuman called Hive in the comics — is still playing it safe while locked away. We got to see him express his powers more in this episode, but I’m still none the wiser as to what he can actually do… besides bathe in the goopy remains of innocent people, that is. My current running theory is that by the end of the season, Ward/Hive will either be on that spaceship we saw last week, or he will have been the reason it was sent out in the first place (to shoot him into space to die).

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, ABC, show, review, MCU, season, The Inside Man

Hopefully he brings enough reading for the flight.

This week’s episode did a good job at shifting the spotlights to a different set of characters than last week’s, even if that did completely leave out characters like Mack (seriously, where did he go?). While next week’s episode will seemingly focus on Hunter and Bobbie, I do hope that the show starts to speed up Ward/Hive’s side of the story. If this episode taught me anything, it’s that I need Hunter to nickname everyone and their relationships.

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