Cheap Popcast #76 – WWE Parody Themes, American Alpha Dominance, & Triple H’s Fine Fights


Dave, Hank, and Brett discuss the wonderful world of Dotflist’s weird WWE parody themes before moving onto American Alpha’s NXT dominance, Triple H’s big recent matches, and the big Lucha Underground shake-ups.


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s a time that wrestling genuinely tried to make you laugh and succeeded?

19 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #76 – WWE Parody Themes, American Alpha Dominance, & Triple H’s Fine Fights

  1. This isn’t wrestling trying to make me laugh exactly, but to this day, I maintain that the funniest line ever said on WWE TV is when HBK turned on Marty Jannety in the Barber Shop segment and threw him through the glass window, and the genius that is Bobby “The Brain” Heenan said,”Jannety tried diving though the glass to escape Michaels”. Even as a young kid I got the humor of it and laughed hysterically. It got me to get behind alot of heels in that era (Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts,etc).

  2. The most recent one I could think of was the last Royal Rumble when R-Truth entered the match and thought it was a ladder match. I did get a good chuckle out of that. The tourettes era Goldust is also amazing.

    1. That R-Truth thing in the Rumble gave me a good laugh too. Amazing how they can recycle the same joke and make it funnier every time!

  3. QOTW: I’m going to say say alot of later Chris Jericho’s work in WCW, feuding with Goldberg by having his own goldberg entrance except he can’t find his way to the ring complete with the worst security ever (shout out to Rufus) his awful poodle top knot, and beating fake goldberg Gillberg. It honestly makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  4. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves banter on NXT has me in hysterics more often than not. In fact, just on this week’s episode i found my self laughing out loud on the bus watching it. During Eva Marie’s entrance, Corey Graves insisted that Tom stay quiet and enjoy the “living work of art” redhead. The commentary goes silent for about 15 seconds before Tom finally begins breaks the silence with a quick fact about the upcoming match. Before he can get to his fifth word, Graves interrupts him loudly with the most disgusted “oh my god” I’ve ever heard someone exclaim. You could practically hear the “You goddamn motherfucker” look Graves was giving him in that moment.

    These guys need to be move to Raw ASAP.

    1. The sarcasm of Phillips juxtaposed to the rage and blind devotion to heels that Graves has is so great. They easily have the best chemistry behind the commentator table since King and good ol’ J.R.

  5. The Kane and Daniel Bryan anger management segments were always a bit too corny but their in ring graduation ceremony from the program was great. Bryan being called a tightly wound little man child and a mortar board on Kane’s head will always crack me up, plus the ending were everybody in the stadium started hugging was like the ending to a early Adam Sandler movie.

  6. QOTW: This so simple, The New Day! I mean how could you not pick them everything they do is great. As for another simple answer the WWE web series Are You Serious?! is another time they made me genuinely laugh. On that show Road Dogg and Josh Matthews work well together as hosts than Edge and Christian do.

  7. I will go back to the same answer I had to another Question of the Week.

    It was Ric Flair and Jay Lethal having a WOO-OFF. I was always a fan of Jay Lethal but his promos and impersonations of Ric Flair made a huge fan of him. It was moment that this guy had everything that makes a wrestler.

  8. QOTW: Bret Hart in WCW, in an interview with Mean Gene, hand picking his opponents for the US title. He name drops obscure WCW World Wide dark match star, El Dandy and describes him as “a jam up guy”, “a serious professional” and hits Mean Gene with the immortal line, “Who are you to doubt El Dandy?”, something I would say for years to my friends until the day came that I had no more friends.

  9. As a kid, me and my best friend Patrick loved the Booker T and Goldust pairing, and a particular segment they did became an in-joke between us. It basically concerns Booker going to a 7-11 to escape Goldust during the time they had those promotional slurpee cups of wrestlers, and he’s loudly wondering where all the Booker T cups are because he can’t find any. Me and my friend found it hilarious and to this day I will still ask him every now and then when i’m over if he has any Booker T cups. Goldust’s ending line for this skit is just so quintessentially him and reminds me of the good ol days where the WWE let him fully be his wonderfully weird self.

    The segment i’m talking about starts at :40 here:

  10. Thought of another!! The DX parodies of the Nation of Domination and the Corporation! I had those recorded on a VHS and watched them over and over. X-Pac as a sphincter obsessed Ken Shamrock, Road Dogg as D-Lo, Jason Sensation’s Owen Hart. Those segments were gold!

  11. A recent one for me was R-Truth entering this year’s Royal Rumble, grabbing a ladder from underneath the ring and climbing up to capture the title… that wasn’t there. From the moment I realized what was happening until he was eliminated, I laughed my ass off.

  12. There were a few times around December last year where Titus O’Neil invaded Stardust’s “Fifth Dimension Star Room”. Something about WWE breaking the 4th wall into the 5th dimension and seeing Stardust so thoroughly confused hit me just right.
    YouTube link:

    Also, R Truth’s spot in the Royal Rumble had me in tears.

  13. Longtime firsttime here, and I have to say that the one moment that actually cracked me up was, somehow, a Santino moment of all things. Namely, the time that they had to have a little fun with the mandatory sponsorship and have him steal Jerry’s DELICIOUS SUBWAY SANDWICH(tm) after pitching a fit at the end of a match.

    Of course, there was also the time that CM Punk demanded that his Straight Edge Society “Bring me… Jared from Subway”, but nowadays that’s funny for entirely different reasons.

    And to finish out the Sponsorship Trifecta, there’s always JR’s love of delicious, fruity, fruity, delicious, BAH GAWD THEY’RE FRUITY Skittles.

  14. Is my favorite comedy bit Stone Cold Shark Boy? Shell Yeah! When Shark boy turned into to Stone Cold meets Squid Girl I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m a sucker for puns and that gimmick had them up to the gills. Whether he was dolling out Chummers, laying out the fishing line, or teaming with Curry Man; I was always kraken up. My current dream match is Stone Cold Shark Boy vs Stone Cold E.T.
    Sample for those that haven’t seen SCSB:

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