Luke Cage Has His First Teaser Trailer!


Like the man warned us, he’s unbreakable…

Just as we’re trying to safely binge watch the new season of Daredevil, Netflix won’t give us a moment’s respite. We figured the streaming service and Marvel would go quite on the next series after revealing Luke Cage’s September 30 release date, but there was still time for a cheeky teaser to slip out this weekend…

Compared to his attempts to keep his powers a secret in Jessica Jones, it looks like Cage is using his bulletproof abilities more openly in this teaser of his new show. And much like in the comics, getting shot at isn’t so much harmful as an annoyance to the Hero For Hire.


By the way, that song is Made You Look, the hit from Nas’ 2002 album. Will this be the theme song for the show? It’d certainly be a break from the moody instrumentals that start Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Head over here if you want to learn more before the  13 episodes will go live on Netflix September 30. And if you’re still looking to read some of Luke Cage’s best comics, you’ll find 10 of his best appearances below! And tell us all about your thought on the teaser in the comments!










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