Laser Time – Let’s Make Fun of Florida


Special guest Mike Drucker makes for a record-breaking trio of native Floridians, and that seems like a perfect time to mock anything and everything about the Sunshine State…


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17 thoughts on “Laser Time – Let’s Make Fun of Florida

  1. As a fellow Floridian who absolutely hates it here, I have no doubt I’m going to love the hell out of this episode.

  2. Between this episode and “Southern Illin”, I’m really enjoying these insights into parts and ways of life of the US this foreigner is less familiar with.

  3. I always wanted to be in the audience for Kenan and Kel because that was another one of the Nickelodeon shows filmed in front of a live studio audience, Florida.

  4. Really fun episode!

    Could you guys space out the ads a little better, though? I have a hard time getting friends to listen when the first 10 minutes of a show has two ads plus a minute long plug for another podcast.

  5. oh my gawd! Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls saw those Family Auto Mart comercials before while in Florida and based Gideon’s dad Bud on him right down to the selling of cars. so awesome.

  6. This has nothing to do with the episode, just Orange Bird.

    One of the Little Golden Books based on Inside Out is about what happens to Bing Bong after the movie (spoilers: he isn’t dead). He just goes to the land of the forgotten. Who else is there? Orange Bird! And Oswald the lucky rabbit! I flipped through it in a book store and almost teared up at that page.

    1. I knew I could depend on someone to know Orange Bird! Thought it was pretty symbolic of Florida/Disney/The Conversation.

  7. The nashville radio station I listen to has a morning segment called “Freakin Florida” and uses the south park movie theme.

  8. Im 24 and Ive never voted, honestly I dont care cause I live in a deeply red state so its not like my vote would matter.

  9. My family used to go to Florida every year for vacation, and I have very fond memories of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm (Gomek was awesome! He moved, sometimes!). That being said, everything I’ve heard about Florida since 2000 has been pure and utter horror. I’m glad all three of you got out, because that place seems like it can be quite the quagmire to escape from.

  10. To be fair to Florida, i heard that the reason we hear so many news and internet stories about crazy shit that happens in Florida. Is because of the open government laws in that state. That means that the press has acces to all police records. This isnt the case in many states. If it were we would hear just as many crazy stories from other staes as well.

  11. I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida: Home of 2-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the most hated man in wrestling, Roman Reigns. I loved it. Sure, the state is full of stupid people doing stupid things. But every state is full of stupid people doing stupid stuff. And compared to where I live now (Greenville, Pennsylvania), Pensacola was the big city. Lots to do even if you just want to get drunk on the beach.

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