Monday Night Movie – Man Of Steel (Free For All!)


If you aren’t a Patreon subscriber yet, see what you’ve been missing with this LIVE viewing of our Man Of Steel commentary at 6PM Pacific Monday Night!…

What better way to prepare yourself for the biggest DC fight of all time than by watching the film that set it up. Yes, it’s time for Henry Gilbert’s favorite movie (jk, he can’t shut up about hating it), and we’re doing our weekly Monday Night Movie commentary for Patreon subscribers at 6pm Pacific tonight! And, as a chance to show you non-Patreon users what you’ve been missing, this one will be open to the public!

Yes, Patreon people will get the MP3 of it later, but if you join us on this page, LIVE at 6pm tonight, you can see the four of us chat over the entire 148 minutes of Zack Snyder’s film, all to prepare for Batman Vs. Superman this Friday. It’ll surely be fun to see all the Jesus references, ads for IHOP & 7-11, and the greatest moment in Superman’s cinematic history!¬†See how the Laser Timers enjoy this feature¬†tonight as we watch this cinematic Kryptonian at 6pm Pacific right here!


You can watch along by grabbing a digital version on Amazon. Or be like Man Of Steel and find an easier solution to your problem. We’ll see you in the rubble of Metropolis!

And no matter how good/bad Man Of Steel is, it can’t be worse than his NES game…

12 thoughts on “Monday Night Movie – Man Of Steel (Free For All!)

    1. Actually in the commentary viewings the gang is way less critical. Ends up being an enjoyable experience for all. Check out the 2011 green lantern commentary if you don’t believe me

  1. I actually haven’t seen this one yet, but I do remember watching Superman Returns from on HBO Go earlier this year. Question: What is next weeks movie? I can’t seem to find March’s Monday Night Movie schedule???

  2. Of course young Clark would stand in that pose with the cape, he invented it, why not as a child when playing instead of as an adult when imagination is greatest.
    And John Carter of Mars had a cape, one of Superman’s influences.

    1. That is the first time young Clark doing the pose made sense to me. If that is what the scene meant then that’s cool but they did a shit job of implying it, And I think that ending is so down in the dumps it doesn’t fit well. If that scene was earlier and more filled out I’d love it, but in its current state it reeks of cutting room floor. But that is a great interpretation of that scene.

  3. My wife is sick and has gone to bed early which presents a great opportunity to listen to the lasertime commentary. Huzzah!

  4. As time has gone on and I’ve become more critical of Man of Steel, I’ve actually started to agree with some of Hank’s points. Not all! Just some of them.

    The movie’s color palette is drab, Kal-El isn’t given much to do, Pa Kent is way too cavalier about saving people, and finally Kal should have tried more options than keeping the fight in Metropolis and going straight to neck-snapping Zod.

    With that said, I strongly then and now disagree that all of the death and destruction was unnecessary. It’s stakes that ground the movie in a post-9/11 world (and with the recent terror attacks still feel plausible) and makes Superman’s actions ironically more relatable to me. I also don’t have much compunctions for Kal and Batman murdering people when left with no choice. Let’s be fucking honest- the only reason that rule exists is because of both the comics code and so that they both STILL have a rogues gallery.

    Now does that mean both should go postal and murder without empathy or remorse? Hell fucking no! But Joker and Zod are massive examples of enemies that do more harm and destruction if left alive.

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