Talking Simpsons – Stark Raving Dad


Season 3 has begun and the Simpsons have their most famous guest star ever! Get ready for an extra long episode to start another great year of Talking Simpsons…



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17 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Stark Raving Dad

  1. The song Bart sings about Lisa’s teeth is set to the “Colonel Bogey March”, which is an old military march. Making up silly lyrics was a thing both for soldiers (“Hit-ler! Has only got one ball!”) and children back in the long long ago. To modern audiences it’s probably most associated with THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI.

    1. I actually heard the tune on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I’m surprised none of the four people in the room picked up on that.

  2. Bob Mackie has said he doesn’t intend to do the entire show and stop once the show gets “bad” but do you guys know when that period would be? Most people agree Season 9/10 is the tipping point but I’ve also seen people argue Season 7 or 8 while good was a massive step-down (and those people are wrong) I really think you guys should continue for as long as you can just because like most people I stopped watched around the Season 10/11 mark and am curious if there’s anything salvageable past that.

    Also will there be a Simpsons Movie episode? I know Bob really dislikes it but everyone else on the show seems to think of it fondly.

  3. So, growing up I had no idea who Michael Jackson was. By the time i was a kid, he wasn’t really the juggernaut of pop culture that he was for you guys, he was just weird. So every once and awhile I would just see an episode of The Simpsons built around a man that I had never heard of, and it was such a bizarre viewing experience. By the time I knew who he was the Simpsons claims that he was a black guy that people admired wasn’t really true any more. That said, Lisa’s birthday song is great.

  4. This episode seems like it belongs in the first, or maybe second season. It feels older than the other ones, maybe because it was held over from 2.

    I recently watched Moonwalker, and during the Leave Me Alone section they showed a bunch of articles about the sort of weird things Michael had been into even before the pedophilia stuff came up, and I had forgotten that the media had thrown us a lot of odd stories about him for a long time. I remember when I was in elementary school our school library had a few Michael Jackson books that were always checked out, so you had to wait months to read about him, that must have been between Thriller and Bad. It was a different time, when celebrities actually did something worth being famous for, and even the odd things weren’t enough to kill their careers (and people liked him enough, even though he was black, that he was able to get played on MTV. Let Henry find a way to say how horrible this country is while this shows it has changed for the better in our lifetime.)

  5. this was a good episode of TS but you guys really leaned into the whole Michael Jackson bad touch stuff, plus Henry was projecting his weird condemning fears all over this episode. The answer is, no one knows and all the connecting of threads everyone does means nothing anymore because the man is dead. Drop it. I was happy that Brett finally joined the show even though he was pretty quiet until the end. I’m sure he’ll get more engaged as the season goes on.

    1. I appreciate the comment, but it’s hard (as with Cosby) to talk about him without mentioning the sexual abuse allegations that derailed his career. For what it’s worth, I don’t think he molested anyone and it was a more of a case of him not knowing what was considered appropriate behavior for a grown man to exhibit around children. (Also, the painkiller addiction didn’t help.)

  6. The “Happy Birthday Lisa” song always destroys me emotionally because of how down Lisa is before. I don’t get choked up at most things but that episode caught me at the right time in my childhood.

  7. Whops, didn’t read the entire comment of Nuclear Astro Jesus. My bad. And my apologies for that stupid reply of mine.

  8. I know race is a thorny issue, but I thought there’d be at least some mention of Michael Jackson, a black man who lightened his skin, playing a white guy on the Simpsons. They could’ve easily made Kompowsky a black guy, but didn’t.

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