Cape Crisis #181 – Daredevil Gets His Due


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave go deep into the long history of Marvel’s most powerful Catholic, your answers to QOTW, as well as an extra 20 minutes at the very end for our SPOILER-filled discussion of Daredevil season 2…


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Cape Crisis #181 Question: What’s your favorite cartoon parody of a famous hero?

And don’t forget to ask your first ever “Ask Hank” questions in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #181 – Daredevil Gets His Due

  1. Ask Hank – Hank, outside of the Ditko run and Kraven’s Last Hunt, what are you’re top three favorite story lines from Spider-Man comics?

  2. see?! I refuse, REFUSE to get stressed and overwhelmed by the feeling that I need to binge watch a series like dare devil s2. I’m taking my time and watching about 1 to 2 eps per night and loving it that way. I won’t let the internet bully me into devouring a show and having elements of it just wash over me with little impact out of fear of spoilers. fukk’em! fukk the internet and there spoilers!

  3. As always, thank you for posting episodes so early on Thursday mornings so that I have something for my trip to work.

    I revisited the Cape Crisis #133, Binge-Watching without Fear. You guys hoped for a season two back then, and hoped Elektra and Punisher for season two. You go your wish.

    I even went back to Episode 90 when Brett said he was not going to see Amazing Spider-Man 2. You guys hoped for Spider-man to get back to Marvel by 2016, with his own movie in 2017. You called it! Lastly, in a discussion about Batman / Superman film Chris called it “Prelude to Justice” in a quick joke. This was before the official title was announced.

    If I knew how to edit audio, I’d love to compile all your MCU film discussions into a playlist.

  4. Ask Hank:

    Has there ever been a character or idea introduced in a comic that is so silly it makes you question continue reading the comic?

    I just had a moment the other day where I remembered reading Bunny Man from Spider-Man when I was a kid. The idea that somewhere in Kansas (I think) there was a man who got bit by a radioactive rabbit, really cheapened Spider-Mans story. Even as a kid when nothing in comics seemed stupid, that seemed REALLY stupid. It didn’t stop me from reading Spider-Man of course, but I still have to occasionally pretend that story never happened because it really ruins everything. haha

  5. After finishing the new season of Daredevil in about two days, I don’t know if I should keep binge watching stuff. On one hand, it the best way to avoid spoilers, but on the other, the whole season just blends together for me and I lose track of some of the smaller details or when certain events even happened.

    1. Also, my “Ask Hank” question for this week would be: What do you have to say about the claim that Superman is an inherently boring/lame character? With the new movie out I’m seeing this get brought up again and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  6. I REALLY appreciated splitting the podcast up into three sections. Last year I kinda skipped around the last 20 minutes skittishly trying to absorb as much of the QOTW as possible while avoiding spoilers.

  7. Ask Hank: Did you always know there was a difference between Marvel and DC? Was there a time when they were all just comics, or comic book movies, regardless of who published them?

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