Police Academy returns, Panzer Dragoon soars and Chef asplodes – Mar 18-24


This week in 1986, Police Academy 3 and one of the weirdest SNL episodes of all time confound audiences while Van Halen’s 5150 gives us Dreams. In 1996 a classic dragon-em-up gets a sequel and in 2006 Elder Scrolls IV releases alongside the launch of the game website that started many of our careers.

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17 thoughts on “Police Academy returns, Panzer Dragoon soars and Chef asplodes – Mar 18-24

  1. After hearing you talk about the launch of Gamesradar I felt the need to let you know that I found the site while searching Cheatplanet for a guide to the hacking system in Enter the Matrix.

    I’m still here, and have no intention of leaving.

  2. Crazy to think that GR is 10 years old now… I remember first visiting the site around late 07 (maybe early 08) cause of some Halo 3 features & coverage/ Top 7s my brother showed me. Didn’t discover the podcast until 2010 but I’m glad I did.

  3. Brett: “If anybody listening to this is still somehow from the Cheat Planet days, God bless you.” The more I think about it, the crazier it all seems. I hope y’all see this story.

    It happened one summer when I was browsing the Internet for Tony Hawk Underground 2 cheat codes. How did 12 year old me do this? I typed random URLs including the word “cheat” into my address bar. After a while, I stumbled upon a little site called Cheat Planet that had some sweet codes. I continued visiting the site for what felt like years in kid time before I started noticing links to features on the home page. While I wasn’t much for readin’, I came to appreciate the fine marriage of video games and fart jokes that the site had to offer. I kept visiting every so often until, one day, this thing called a podcast started being incessantly shoved in front of my face. I defiantly avoided listening to it for a whole 55 weeks (cue Sammy Hagar), but from that point on I was hooked. Since then, I’ve listened to just about everything you guys have put out and the shows are a huge part of my weekly routine. Thank you for literally thousands of hours.

    1. this is pretty much exactly my experience too! i was pretty much the same age, and used to use cheatplanet as my go-to source. i just remember one time that it went down for a day or two, and when i went to it next it was gamesradar. i think episode 8 was the first talkradar i listened to though, and the first podcast i listened to as well. i’ve been listening to these guys ever since!

  4. I loved Panzer Dragoon and you can play the original on Xbox 360. The original Xbox game Panzer Dragoon Orta is backwards compatible so you can play it on 360. The original Panzer Dragoon game is a bonus feature on the disc. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition to see the difference between Xbox and Saturn graphics.

  5. oh the good old days of Cheatplanet, I still remember when the site has the relaunch to GR. i remembered there being a dinosaur somewhere on the page

  6. I remember GR being advertised in OXM for a long time before it eventually launched, and I’m happy to say I was around during then. Its kinda hard to think it has been 10 years since the, former, best site on the internet came out, but it was a fun ride, even after the original crew left.

    GamesRadar is a lot different than it used to be, with the community mostly gone at this point, but I’m glad that I could experience what made the sure so special.

  7. Holy shit Inside Man. I remember my friend (a huge cinema nerd) convinced me to go with him to see it in theaters. The funny part, we were 13 and that theater really shouldn’t have let us in as we really didn’t get that movie until we watched it again years later. The only thing I remembered about Inside Man before my second viewing was Nazi secrets and Kim Director.

  8. I’ve never watched a Police Academy movie in my life, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing by listing in

  9. Great show as usual. Curious though, did you guys consider discussing the launch of Twitter from March 21, 2006.? Would love to hear what the peanut gallery thought about the inception of the Twitter-infused world we now inescapably live in.

  10. Holy shit, ready to feel old? I started reading GR back in high school (early on enough that it would still occasionally link to daily radar articles), and now I’m at the end of a 5-year graphic design major. I’m actually about to graduate at the end of April, and can now say that listening to your podcasts has literally gotten me through college. I work almost entirely visually and get distracted easily, so I’ve found podcasts help me focus on my work much better than music since they occupy the language part of my brain and make it harder to get distracted by Top 7 articles or whathaveyou. Since Talkradar 90 or so (I completely ignored the podcast for a awhile before listening to the heavy rain episode and getting hooked immediately), you guys have actually been a huge help and accompaniment to me pursuing my dreams. Assuming I manage to actually find a job after graduation, I look forward to finally leaving broke student status and finally start giving back in the form of Patreon support.

    Anyways, dunno if you guys will read this, but it felt like a good opportunity to say thanks.

  11. I love Inside Man as well but have you ever noticed at the end when DenZel shows the ring it is a fake hand that has the ring on.Apparently Denzel has a hand deformity.

    1. Just to clarify it is when Denzel shows Christopher Plummer that he has the ring. A artificial hand just creeps up next to Denzel’s face and you can tell it is not his. When i saw Inside Man in theatres I noticed it but it was not until I got it on DVD that I could make sure I was right.

  12. It wasn’t in 2006 but I did find GamesRadaramd in turn TalkRadar by trying to go to CheatPlanet. I was surprised it wasn’t CheatPlanet but the podcast and articles made me stay.

  13. Dudes, the section of Gobot/Transformer talk is full of inaccuracies and half-truths! You usually seem pretty researched so it was surprising to hear, if you need an 80’s robot expert hit me up 😉

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