Agents of SHIELD “Parting Shot” Review

Agents of Shield, Parting Shot, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

That title has many meanings — there be spoilers here! Best watch the episode reading this one.

A parting shot indeed. Just like that, Marvel has successfully laid the groundwork for their next ABC show, Most Wanted (to be led by Bobbi and Hunter). We all knew it would happen eventually, but it happened awfully soon. I’ve always thought there was no reason for Most Wanted to exist, and I still do: Bobbi and Hunter should be at home on SHIELD. That all being said, this stealthy backdoor pilot gave us some really good material for the two of them, plus great “final” moments with the team.

Nick Blood and Adrianne Palicki have always had fantastic chemistry; their relationship is one of the more complex ones on the show. From their banter in the field to their frenzy at the thought of one them being marched to death, they nailed it. The love they have for each other was clear, and it gave an emotional weight to everything happening in this episode. They really do deserve a vacation.

Agents of Shield, Parting Shot, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Dasvidaniya, comrade.

This being their send-off, the writers made sure to give us plenty of that banter between the team and Bobbi/Hunter. Hunter’s documentary suggestion to Fitz, Bobbi’s words of encouragement to Daisy, Hunter and May having their last argument about the events earlier in the season, Mack giving his last nickname to Bobbi — there was a lot of good stuff there that, in hindsight, became all the better once you knew that Bobbi and Hunter were leaving the (for now).

Then there was the actual moment, that bar scene: a spy’s goodbye. If you think about it too much, you realize how silly the whole thing was. The entire S.H.I.E.L.D team going to the same bar where the two agents they can’t even be seen with are currently drinking — not a smart move. But if you step away from that thought process, there’s actually a pretty powerful scene to be had: our entire team giving a respectful send-off to Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. While I’m pretty sure we’ll see them all interact again in the future, it probably won’t be for awhile, even if Most Wanted fails (a scenario that would certainly bring the couple back to the show).

Moving away from all of that, another standout part of this episode was the new Inhuman threat. The fight scene between the shadow Inhuman, Mack, Bobbi, and Daisy was exceptionally well executed; the shadow being a manifestation of Dark Matter was a nice detail too. It’s a shame that he seems to be a one-and-done villain, because he might have made a good big bad, one that would butt heads with our Secret Warriors in the future. Can’t have em’ all, I suppose.

Agents of Shield, Parting Shot, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Well fought.

This week’s episode provided a powerful, if a little sudden, goodbye to two of our agents. I know I’ll be missing Hunter’s quip-y banter and Bobbi’s bad-ass baton action.   I’m fully aware that we’ll see them again in the future, but there’s still a pretty big void to fill in the meantime. Maybe now the show can afford to bring the entire Secret Warriors team back full time.

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