First Footage Of The Walking Dead’s Negan – Check Out The Leaked Trailer!


Thanks to a leaked foreign trailer, we have the first (ever so brief) look at Negan, the biggest villain the zombie franchise has ever had, as he’ll appear in the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Check it out!

While we’re still two episodes away from the end of The Walking Dead’s sixth season here in the US, some foreign markets are already hyping the finale (which is due to air on April 3). Fortunately, footage of that episode has already surfaced, showing the first glimpses and sounds from The Walking Dead’s ultimate evil, Negan. Check it out!

If you were lucky enough to see the trailer before AMC nuked it from orbit, the ever-so-brief looks at Negan’s imposing figure and his even more imposing weapon of choice; a barbed-wire bat named Lucille. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who played a pretty sinister character in 2009’s The Watchmen) looks and sounds pretty tough already, but knowing the bloodshed that accompanied his arrival in the comics, Negan’s appearance should make up for a long stretch of episodes where The Saviors have looked like the most hapless post-apocalyptic group ever put on screen.

Want to hear more about The Walking Dead? It’s a regular point of discussion on our comic book podcast Cape Crisis, and we’ve streamed a few memorable Walking Dead games, too!

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