Vidjagame Apocalypse 156 – NEERRDS! With Bob Mackey


It’s a jock-out lockout this week, as Retronauts host Bob Mackey joins us to take a look at the gawkiest, dorkiest, most pedantic nerd archetypes the games industry has thrown at us over the years. Then it’s on to a rip-roaring discussion of Day of the Tentacle Remastered, the week’s flurry of Nintendo rumors and/or hoaxes, and a look at the VR headsets you think have the most potential.

Question of the Week

With the Game Boy Advance celebrating its 15th anniversary in Japan this week, what’s your favorite GBA memory?






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12 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 156 – NEERRDS! With Bob Mackey

  1. (Nasally nerd voice goes here) Actually, Laura Bailey was the main voice actress in Saints Row 3/4, not Jennifer Hale.

  2. QOTW:
    It has to be the few weeks some buddies and I spent playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. We started discussing what NPCs must go through, having four freaks open their door, rifle through their shit, then just leave like that was normal. It got to a point where whenever we’d enter a house and start rummaging around for items, we’d all shout “HUT HUT HUT HUT,” a la the cops at the end of The Blues Brothers… or the paramedics from Rocko’s Modern Life.

    Yeah, we were a little odd, but I guess it’s to be expected of four guys who played the entirety of Conflict: Desert Storm with the ripped Daft Punk: Discovery as our soundtrack.

  3. QOTW:
    The GBA rules pretty hard. I recall getting a GameBoy Player junior year of college and a copy of Castlevania: Double Pack (only 90’s kids will remember Castlevania!). The cart had both Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow on it, and I had an indefinitely-absent roommate with a new girlfriend. It was winter term, and I only had one class at 8am, so the rest of the day was just me and my Castle-gangia, hanging out, having a good time. Add in easy access to hard liquor, bootlegs of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and crippling loneliness, the GBA provided some stability in what I later realized was a pretty rough patch for me. Not my “favorite” GBA memory, but an important one.

  4. Any word on the quality of the audio for this week? I couldn’t hear anything last episode because of the audible thuds every time Henry derailed the top 5.

    I like Henry but last week was awful. I was smiling when I went into the podcast because I assumed The LT crew were going to be at their silliest. Unfortunately, Henry had to stop EVERY entry with his complaints about….well, everything. (For gods sakes Henry, pimps? Really??) Nobody wants to listen to a wet blanket ESPECIALLY when you are addressing a topic like boobs. It’s supposed to be fun!

  5. If I sound upset it’s only because of the wasted potential of that segment. It seems a real shame that Wikiparez spent all this time bothering to not only research but track down and play every game on the list. That’s a lot of dedication that went into (in my opinion) the only real stinker you guys have ever had.

    Keep up the great work though guys. As always, you are the hilight of my podcast week!

  6. QOTW:
    For my 16th birthday my parents bought me a Gameboy Advanced SP. They didnt have alot of money when we were growing up so it meant alot. Wich is why it was devestating when my GBA SP was stolen from my gym locker. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone it was stolen but eventually my older brother found out. A few months later my brother started his first job and bought me a new GBA SP. I remember i was asleep the day he brought it and he didnt even wake me. He didnt get to see my reaction but it must have been priceless. To this day when i look at my GBA i think of him.

  7. QOTW:
    When I graduated from college in 2003, I took all the money I got for graduation and bought myself a GameCube and a Gameboy Advance SP. While I was in college, I didn’t have much time for games, and the little time I did I spent on PC gaming because I could justify the expense more (I needed a PC for reasons other than just gaming.) Prior to this moment, the ONLY other console I’d owned was an original NES that I got for Christmas in 1989. So, the GBA and GameCube was my re-introduction to Nintendo gaming at home (I’d played Goldeneye and Smash Bros. at friend’s houses.) I bought the GameCube with a copy of Windwaker (still my favorite Zelda game) and my GBA with a copy of Golden Sun. Great JRPG.

  8. Big shout out to Wow, Bob Mackey. Didn’t realize he was such a catalyst in getting Day Of The Tentacle released. Pretty cool. I’ve listened to retronauts for years and I’m not sure how I missed the Schafer episode. Will have to look it up!

  9. QOTW: I bought my GBA in 2002 while I was finishing up Air Force basic training, when we were allowed to go off-base for a day. It made the fourteen hour bus ride to my technical training base go by a lot faster, and kept me sane for the next few months until I was finally at a more permanent location and could buy a TV and some new consoles.

  10. QOTW: My friends and I used to link-cable our GBAs all the time back in the day. One time we were trading Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire and I wanted a friend’s legendary Kyogre from Sapphire to help fill up my Pokedex – wouldn’t you know it, the link cable glitched and he ended up losing it in the transfer. But hey, I lost a very previous Geodude from my end…good times, good times.

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